Scale-Equipped Drum Pourers

Scale-equipped drum pourers with geared drum tilt are devices used to handle and pour liquids or granular materials from drums while also providing an accurate measurement of the amount being dispensed. These pourers are typically used in industrial settings where precise measurements are necessary.

The device consists of a scale platform on which the drum is placed, a drum clamp to secure the drum, and a tilt mechanism that uses gears to tilt the drum to the desired angle for pouring. The scale is designed to accurately measure the weight of the drum and its contents before and after dispensing, allowing for precise calculations of the amount dispensed.

The geared drum tilt mechanism ensures that the contents of the drum are poured smoothly and without spills. The operator can control the tilt angle of the drum, and some models may also have additional features such as adjustable pouring speed and automatic stop when the desired weight is reached.

Scale-equipped drum pourers with geared drum tilt are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. They provide an efficient and accurate way to dispense and measure liquids or granular materials, helping to reduce waste and improve productivity.

Model 825A-N-125 – Scale Equipped Drum Pourer / Palletizer

Weigh Drum While You Dispense

Combines V-shaped base to serve pallet corners, hand crank geared tilt control to dispense drum and scale to dispense just the amount required.

Product Highlights:

Two Types of Scales

The digital indicator keeps you informed of drum weight, so you can weigh while pouring.
Scales are simple to use and to read enabling accurate batching by weight. Touch pads include numbers for tare entry. Two load cells accurately sense
weight regardless of tilt angle of drum. Battery saving “sleep” mode turns indicator off when scale is not in use.
Display weight to 0.1 Lb. (or set to diplay metric units). Accuracy of +/-0.2 %. Scale has NO data storage capability.
Maximum operating temperature is 104o F (40o C).
Scale components are installed and calibrated before leaving Morse factory. However, rigors of transport may change scale calibration. To assure proper
accuracy, user should employ local scale service personnel to check function and calibration of scale. Cost of on-site calibration is not included in selling

N-Type Scale

N-Type Scale

Economical general purpose instrument for use in a variety of weighing applications. NOT for use in hazardous areas. Powered by five ordinary alkaline D-cell batteries.

T-Type Scale

T-Type Scale

Intrinsically safe, ultra low power intensity (ULPI) scale indicator for use in many hazardous areas, approved for all classes, groups and divisions of N.E.C. hazardous environment classifications. Manual hand pump or air power drum handler with this intrinsically safe weighing system may be used in many hazard areas where ordinary electric powered equipment would be prohibited. Comes with battery pack and 115V 60Hz charger. For 220V/50Hz applications, battery charger will require a step down transformer – order part number 93740-P. Models with spark resistant monel parts, such as drum holder bands are indicated by an “M” in model number

Lift Models

Ergonomic Power Lift Models

Battery Power Lift Control Self contained battery power-lift. Use valve to raise and lower the drum. 12V deep cycle battery and separate charger are included.454 kg)

Air Power Lift Control Use on / off valve to raise and lower the drum.

Electric Power Lift Control Use switch to raise the drum. Lower the drum with manual release valve.

Manual Lift Model

Hand Pump Lift Control It takes 27 pumps of the hand pump to lift a drum to maximum height.

Options and Accessories

Kit # 4560B-P

Top Rim Clamp to handle a 55-gallon (210 liter) rimmed plastic or fiber drum. It grips the upper rim of your drum to prevent it from slipping through the drum holder. To handle a 55-gallon plastic drum with top rim, you must install either the Bracket Assembly or the Top Rim Clamp

Kit # 4556-P

Bracket Assembly is required to handle a rimless plastic drum, and recommended to more securely handle a fiber drum. It provides a brace at top and bottom of your drum to prevent it from slipping length-ways through the drum holder. It adjusts for a 31” to 39” (78.7 to 99 cm) tall drum.

Diameter Adapters

Diameter Adapters to handle each smaller drum. They install easily inside the drum holder without tools, and are quickly removed. Diameter Adapters for 19” (48.3 cm) diameter or larger drum can be used in combination with the Bracket Assembly. Diameter Adapters for 17.5” (44.5 cm) diameter or smaller have integrated brackets at top and bottom of the drum that adjust for a drum up to 38” (96.5 cm) tall.

P MORStop Tilt-Brake

Add factory installed Option # 3900i-P MORStop Tilt-Brake to
automatically lock and hold the drum tilt angle, until you turn the
hand crank again… even if drum contents shift.


NOTE: 12V Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery is designed for domestic shipment only. For export shipment, choose the following battery and charger options:

  • Option “NB” No Battery. Customer must obtain battery before use… Exide # 27MDP 12V Deep Cycle Battery or equivalent.
  • Option “NC” No Charger.
Scale-Equipped Drum Pourers Dimensions


  • Turning radius: 53” (135 cm)
  •  Legs are 9” (22.9 cm) high and reach 20.75” (52.7 cm) in
    front of upright stanchion
  • (2) 4” (10.2 cm) swivel casters at back
  •  (2) 6” (15.2 cm) wheels at front
  • Straddle pallet up to 41” (104 cm) wide
  • Lift upright 55-gallon drum up to 16” (40.6 cm) from floor to
    serve pallet or spill containment
  • Heavy duty hydraulic lift cylinder includes velocity fuse to
    provide full line shut-off in event of line failure
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