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Lifting and maneuvering suspended goods is made easy and safe with an innovative take on the traditional taglines. As a valid and secure substitute, this hands free safety equipment is known as the tagattach.This tool is designed to contribute to hands free safety by creating a buffer zone between the heavy suspended loads, and operator, hence reducing potential delays and serious injuries to workers.



Essential Use of Tagattach

When a load is lifted by mechanical operators such as cranes and forklifts, uncontrolled pivoting or rotating of load as well as a lack of handling on the direction could lead to unstable swinging and causing incidents by crashing into objects and people. Except for the health hazards subjected to the operators, these challenges can lead to destruction of electricity lines, the body of the building and lifting machinery, etc. Such incidents often result in financial loss and load handler shocks and injuries.

When using a crane to suspend workers on a personnel platform the loaded platform and its riggingWhen using a crane to suspend workers on a personnel platform the loaded platform and its rigging, falling out of control means creating a crush zone, and this is where Tagattach comes to play. By fixing the load tightly, maneuvering the weight to a desirable direction becomes easier, while this lift control rope decreases the possibility of mentioned incidents greatly.


The general function of Tagattach is based on traditional tag line rope for lifting used to assist the operators in lifting, maneuver and landing or embarking of a load. Although there are some advancements in this design that add to the both safety and ergonomic prospects even further, while creating a more convenient handling.

The tagattach is a long grip rope with a wide rigging tagline diameter which is resistant to tear and wear and extreme stretching. This safety lifting tagline rope is further attached to a hook with a variety of sizes for attachment to different bolts. The hook tagline is engineered for easy attachment to the load and perming an accurate control on the maneuverability by the personnel.


Any organization that deals with receiving and sending heavy loads, and seeking to increase the general safety of their infrastructure and personnel- both on land and offshore marines -can benefit from this innovative lifting tagline rope.

Design Structure of Tagattach

This fully retractable tagattach is a safety tagline that is essentially designed to resist in contrast with elastic force. These tagline systems are especially reinforced throughout the strap as load contact areas and attachment to the hook which ensures stability during the lift. The strap is cased within a durable polymer sheathing as well as magnetic embedding throughout- whether for transport or tag line climbing. As a corrosion free metal, the hooks are crafted in stainless steel and several durable alloys to safeguard its heavy duty usage and suitability of the clamp- enriched with anti rust features. The hook itself comes with Snap On – Snap Off technology that grants an easy attachment and takeoff of the tool from the load. Furthermore, features such as temperature resistance, and tangle free tagline lifting rope to prevent trip hazards, aesthetics to help in keeping the workplace free from hazards.

Features Spesifications:

As a lifting specialized tool, go through to the specification as a safer alternative to the generic taglines and traditional ropes.

Why Do You Need Tagattach

Safety comes first when the workplace evolves around potential hazards such as uncontrolled load lifting, and possible crush zones that may get the workers injured and trapped. If safety is a priority to your operatives dont get stuck with ropes, use Tagattach

Epitomizing around safety and high-quality production, the innovative technology has responded to these issues with tagattach. As a retractable tag line, now ground operative can carry out precice load control with confidence and speed saving minutes every time a load is lifted adding up to faster processes and presenting a robust ergonomic application when compared with generic taglines.

Various ranges of connectors assist in compatibility with diverse lifting environments. Today, several organizations, ranging from offshore drilling sites, mining and construction, have incorporated the tagattach tag line into the load lifting system which has increased the personnel’s safety while has saved thousands of dollars on prevented damages, akin to the very suspended load definition. Be a percent closer to safety every time you use the RAAH Safety products.

RAAH Safety holds an international reputation for distribution of safety products with exceptional in-built quality, ergonomics and safety standards.


Tagattach represents the changing face of the lifting industry, slingers and riggers demand a purpose built product to safely control the load in ever changing, hazardous environments.

• Complete Load Control
• Anti-Tangle
• Anti-Burn
• Hi-Vi Reflective
• Snap On, Hook Up
• TagHook Technology
• Easy to clean
• Various lengths
• No more knots



Tagattach Retractable safety tagline system. The tagline that stays in your hand. Fifteen metres (49ft) in length…

• Fully Retractable
• Total Lift Control
• Anti-Tangle
• Anti-Knot
• Anti-Slip
• Lightweight
• TagHook


Di-Electric Hook

Non-conductive steel with polymer composite snap hook. Dissipates electrical charge up to 12Kv.

  • Material : steel polymer composite
  • Gate Opening : 55mm.
  • Breaking Strength : 23KN.
  • Conforms to : EN362 : 2004 Class Q.
  • Minimum Dielectric Resistance 14Kv.
  • Ergonomic grip

M10 Eye Bolt Snap Hook

M10 Eye hook, ideal for small diameter lifting eyes (25mm).

  • Material : Alloy Steel.
  • Gate Opening : 17mm.
  • Breaking Strength : 23kN.
  • Conforms to : EN 362:2004 Class T

Steel Skip Hook

Ideal for hooking on to confined or unusually shaped attachment points, boat skips, 6 yard skips, HAKI equipment, Scaffolds.

  • Material : Alloy Steel.
  • Gate Opening : 80mm
  • Breaking Strength : 23kN
  • Conforms to : EN 362: 2004 Class T

Forged Alloy Steel Snap Hook

Ideal for general tagline use, hook fits easily around chain sling, webbing sling, rebar , shuttering, doka/peri clamps, palletised loads.

  • Material : forged alloy steel.
  • Gate Opening : 50.8mm.
  • Breaking Strength : 23kN.
  • Conforms to : EN 362:2004 Class T
  • Ergonomic Grip
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