Pipe and cable damage is one of the most common issues with handling pipes and cables in rugged environments such as offshore sites. Our v-shaped tensioner pads are manufactured with a durable polyurethane layer to safeguard the external surface of the pipes and cables from impact, scratches and other destructive agents.

Offshore industries from around the world have testified to the optimal quality and durability of our tensioner track pads, while enhancing the balance and grip as well.

Advantages of Using Polyurethane Tensioner Track Pads

There are several benefits to using high-quality tensioner pad linings, highlighting;

Polyurethane Instead of Rubber

Most of the cable laying tensioner in the market are crafted from rubber. Although we believe in sustainability of our products for a long life cycle and optimum performance, by using polyurethane to fabricate our tension track pads.

In addition to marine grade durability, polyurethane offers a wide variety of color specification while offering a higher stability than the rubber material. This way, you can ensure your company’s adjustment with eco-friendly standards.

The robust polyurethane layer on the v-shaped tensioner pads prevents damage to the pipes. Moreover, it offers a better grip and tensile balance when compared to rubber editions.


Tensioners are particularly used for installation pipelines and cables as well as pipe and cable retrieving procedures. The very purpose of this machinery is to provide a deliberate tension to balance the pipe during the installation or retracting process.

The tensioner is designed with several caterpillar tracks that are hooked up to its frame, ranging in number according to the stinger and floating capacities in the flex hose and pipe lay systems.

In order to create a tensile stability, the machine uses claps to grasp the pipe between its traction pads. Furthermore, the tracks are lined with durable and high performing polyurethane, which acts as a protective layer for pipes, cables or umbilical cords. They can also be integrated into manual or automatic mode systems.

We offer various types of v-shaped tensioner pads to meet different requirements when it comes to tension requirements, based on operation, pipe material and environmental factors, consisting of geographical and meteorological analyses.

Customizations of the rollers can be done for a variety of purposes including the hardness of the tracks, tensile force, tension wear indicators, color, etc. Hardness specifications can also be altered from 20 Shore A to 95 Shore A, 45 Shore D, to 83 Shore D.



During the piping placements in the deep ocean or even on the ground, cranes are designed to resist water pressure, and handle the pipe installation and retrieving with optimal precision. Customized rollers ensure a fail proof operation. To meet specific vessel requirements, our customizable roller offers details to carry out even most sensitive tasks.

These specifications ensure handling pipes without dealing with potential damages such as tears and breaks, that leads to pipeline insufficiencies and leakages. A safe pipe laying operation is vital to safeguarding catastrophic outcomes both in financial and environmental terms.

The tension track pads are designed for utilizing both on the offshore station and inlaying sea beds, as well as inland pipe laying procedures; including convenient and safe handling of pipes during welding, pipeline setting operations, etc. With an exponential construction, they can withstand even the toughest marine conditions.

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