Egamaster Safety Anti Drops Tool Kits

Products such as the ANTIDROP have been created to help prevent objects from dropping while working at height. These Egamaster Safety Anti Drops Tool Kits series reduce the risk of accidents while improving productivity by allowing workers to work more efficiently.


The Egamaster safety tools prevent risks and injuries in different situations, such as at oil rigs, wind turbines, power lines, cranes, buildings, scaffoldings, bridges, telecom towers, airplane maintenance, and wherever safety tools are required in an industrial setting.

Moreover, EGA Master is specialized in delivering solutions that establish standards and solutions to prevent falling objects across multiple sectors such as Oil, Gas Mining, Construction Manufacturing, Safety, etc

Top Features

With EGA Master, your workplace can experience excellent performance, safety, and convenience. These items are designed to be installed and used in a variety of machines and hard-to-reach parts.

  • Constructed with high-quality standards
  • Crafted with premium quality material
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Designed to handle a variety of applications
  • Standard designs
  • Comes with certified rated load markings
  • Offers ergonomic features and design safety

Available Varieties


EGA implements a system that is safer than just gripping the tool to ensure that it won’t drop accidentally. They are also durable and comfortable to use, with features like safety and resistance.

These kits of EGA tools are built with safety in mind, using heat shrinking on the handle to prevent accidental dropping. As well as retaining the traits of previous models, they also offer durability and efficiency.


These safety systems are designed for use when working at heights. These kits provide the optimal amount of comfort while also providing maximum safety, while ensuring the best shock absorption possible.


The modular is designed to fit the worker’s body, while enabling user freedom. Internal hooks safely keep tools as the operator moves around.

Moreover, the body of the tool belt is designed to fit the worker and allow for freedom, as well as provide many points where tools can be hooked. The worker can then walk around and still have his tools close at hand.


Tool control is fundamental while handling many industrial applications, and in the ones with high safety risks “those where ‘forgotten’ tools create”.

 EGA Master offers customized solutions to prevent these issues. Operators select what tools they need from a list, and EGA will design and manufacture that exact set to their specifications. These toolsets come with custom foam inserts, which are colored based on what’s missing—which is a useful reminder when things get busy, or an individual forgets something behind. You can order bi-colored foam trays that perfectly fit the tool and warn of any missing pieces


For any ANTI-DROP tools or accessories, EGA Master has designed manufactured, tested, approved, and certified all its ANTI-DROP tools and accessories according to the latest standards of security. These tools ensure the highest standards of security. All this, combined with industrial class quality tools, ensures that EGA Master ANTI-DROP solutions meet the highest standard of efficiency and safety.


To keep objects and people from falling when working at height, you need to attach strong and reliable lanyards to an anchor point. Weigh one end of the lanyard and lift it: these are essentially tested and certified for a load rating of five times vertically.


A lanyard is commonly used to display a badge that is required for identification. They are most often found in places where security is an issue, such as hospitals and businesses. Lanyards vary in length as well as color and size, with some being more decorative than others.

What makes Egamaster lanyards special is that once the anchor point is attached to the place it’s being used and some type of weight, such as a cord, will be applied to the other end. The weight will then be elevated above the anchor point and dropped five times.


 The lanyards prevent you from looking for your items and keep them in the same spot, so you don’t have to spend time looking around for your tools. They are beneficial to your workplace because you can use them to promote products and to keep your employees safe. Our lanyards come with a certified rating, tested when attached to a point, and had 10 minutes of weight placed on them to test their durability.

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