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Toolarrest – Lanyards | RAAHSafety

A tool lanyard is a tool drop safety equipment transitional compromised with any anchoring hook on either or both ends from a cord and series of ropes. These act as a connective link between tether tool and attachment point, designed as the first safety step to tools dripping from heights. The Tool Lanyards can be fixed to a holster, harness and belt of the handler. In addition to permitting free flow movement and prevention of tripping, they are available in various configurations to cater for different types of anchoring and application.

Tool@rrest Retr@ct 360

Tool Retract 360 earns its name from the 360 rotatory motions by auto braking mechanism, while securely holding tools and equipment. This double retractable lanyard is designed to anchor to a belt; vest or harness and tether small hand tools that weigh no over than 2500 grams. With a single click, the retractable harness fall protection withdraws the lanyard into position.

Tool@rrest Coil Lanyard

This stainless steel lanyard is built to last and offer impeccable grip, crafted from PU coated stainless steel in its coiled elastic cord. There is a carabiner on each end, with a screwgate mechanism to secure the tool arrest. These spring lanyards are available in three different sizes and various applications, including 1m, 1.5m and 2m. The safe weight limit for these lanyards is up to 2.5 kg.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard

The elasticated lanyard is crafted to provide support to shock and offer retractability. The cord is made from industrial grade polyester, UV graded and tested for safety. The adjustable positioning lanyard attaches to an anchor point such as harness or belt by a durable steel carabiner, while the other end hooks to a TALE which is sold separately. These bungee lanyards are available in 3 different sizes.

Quick Lanyard Tales

When working in confined spaces or handling tools in overhead positions, these lanyards add convenience and safety to your work. Quick lanyard tales are compatible with attachment to elasticated bungee lanyards, or to the tools directly. They are available with a toggle attachment loop, or a swivel carabiner head, as well as swivel carabiners. They are tested for safety handling of tools and weight up to 2500 grams.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Fixed Toggle Choke

Designed with a durable webbing, this Elasticated Bungee Lanyard comes with tensile reinforcement for handling up to 2.5kg weight. On one end, the lanyard is attached to a screw gatekarabiner, while the other end presents a fixed toggle choke to attach to tools. They are designed for tethering hand tools and offer a length of 35″ (89cm – 107cm).

Heavy Duty Elasticated Bungee Lanyard

For handling rough industrial environments and anchorage of heavy tools to a harness point, the Heavy Duty Elasticated Bungee Lanyard is constructed to cater to weights up to 18kg. This double hook lanyard offers a resilient cord, attached to stainless steel carabiners on each end.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Toggle Choke Tale

Made with a convenient combination of an elastic lanyard webbing and a toggle choke tale on one end, this lanyard is rated for fall protection of 2.5 kg weight, and small hand tools such as lanyard for keys and screwdrivers and anything else under the weight limit. They are shock resistant in case of dropping the tool, while offering exceptional durability and a long life cycle.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Swivel Hook Tale

Tailored with a heavy duty bungee straps cord, the Elasticated Bungee Lanyard is manufactured for handling hand tools and small equipment at height, which does not exceed over 2500 grams in weight. As an attachment point, the lanyard comes with a swivel hook made of resistant stainless steel.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Screwgate Tale

This quick release lanyard is crafted with industrial grade webbing and attached to a screw gate lanyard tale. It offers secure hold for hand tools and equipment harness tethering with a weight rating of 2.5 kg.

Tool@rrest Wrist Wrap With Swivel Tale

When working at height, wrist tethering of frequently used tools increases both convenience and safety. The Wrist Wrap lanyards are designed to sit around the wrist seamlessly, while anchoring to the tool with a swivel tale. To stay within the tested tensile safety, do not exceed over 2 kg of weight.

Tool@rrest Wrist Wrap with Screwgate Tale

Designed with screwgate carabiner, the wrists straps guarantee an anti tool drop functionality. They are designed with a resistant lanyard and a comfortable wrist cord for handling up to 2500 grams of weight. Quick release, fast interchangeability of tools and safety are among the top features of these tethering solutions.

Tool@rrest Wrist Wrap with Toggle Tale

Engineered for tethering small tools up to 2 kg around the wrist, the resistant wrist wrap comes with a toggle tale, a wrist wrapping piece and an industrial grade lanyard. All the lanyard pieces come with tensile test certification.

Lanyard Starter Pack 1

The lanyard starter pack combines all the essential tethering that you need for small hand tools. It comes with 1 Quick Change Lanyard, 1 Quick Change wrist Lanyard, 3 Toggle Choke Tails, 1 Swivel Hook Tail.

Lanyard Starter Pack 2

For a comprehensive hand tool and equipment tethering systems, we present to you the 11 piece lanyard starter pack. It comes with a bungee lanyard, 4 quick release tales, 2 lanyards, 2 heavy duty hanging carabiners, a wrist wrap and a bag to carry.

Lanyard Starter Pack 3

This is a compact pack of lanyards including adjustable wrist lanyard with 2 lanyard tails. TALE1 and TALE3 with draw cord bag.

Lanyard Starter Pack 4


Boasting a 4 piece selection, this starter pack features a set of adjustable wrist lanyard with 3 lanyard tails. TALE1, TALE2 and TALE3 with draw cord bag.

Lanyard Starter Pack 5

This lanyard pack includes an assortment of cable lanyards with swivel carabiners, a standard lanyard with a carabiner on each end, a wrist strap lanyard and coiled lanyard. This package suits the tethering systems in harsh industrial environments.

Lanyard Starter Pack 6

You can get all your favorite wrist wrap tool lanyards and minimum hand tool arrest tethering tools with Lanyard Starter pack, including 6 essential picks. The assortment encompasses wrist wrap pieces, heavy duty hanging carabiner lanyards, lanyard tales with different anchorages and a storage bag.

Lanyard Starter Pack 7

This lanyard pack is designed to offer a complete set of hand tool tethering options for wrist strap attachment. It comprises a bungee lanyard, quick lanyard tales, 360 double retractable lanyard fall protection reinforced and more in a 12 piece assortment.

Lanyard Starter Pack 8

Wrist and waistline tethering solution is offered in an all in one solution with this tool lanyard pack. It includes a tethering belt, retractable tool lanyard, a variety of safety lanyard cords with different attachments and anchorage points, such standard, bungee, tales and wrist wrap in 13 piece selection.

Lanyard Starter Pack 9

A combination wrist tether lanyards, an elastic bungee lanyard, quick lanyard tales, a wrist piece and standard tether cords with specified anchorage head are included in this pack. It is a 9 piece assortment to cater to your specific tethering needs.

Tool@rrest Heavy Duty Wire Rope Lanyard

Made from braided steel rope, which is coated for resistance against moisture chemical exposures and spillage, this tool arrest heavy duty wire rope lanyard is made to withstand challenging environments. The stainless steel rope hooks come with a screwgate carabiner at each end for anchorage to a safety point and attachment to a tool, weighing up to 7.5 kg. This series is available in two sizes, including 1.5m or 2.0m.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Fixed Toggle Choke

The elasticated bungee lanyard is made from industrial grade webbing to offer an impeccable durability, rated for 2.5kg hand tools. On one end, it offers a screw gate tethering carabiner for anchorage point, while the other side is attached to a tool with a fixed toggle choke. The overall length of the cord is 35″ (89cm – 107cm).

Heavy Duty Elasticated Bungee Lanyard

Manufactured for anchoring a heavy tool or equipment to a fixed point, these elastic bungee lanyards are designed with shockproof characteristics. Each side of the cord is facilitated by a stainless steel carabiner to attach to a tool, fix point anchorage or a belt.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Toggle Choke Tale

If your hand tools and equipment require tethering with a loop attachment, this lanyard is a perfect choice. It is manufactured with an elastic bungee cord featuring impeccable strength, and toggle choke tale to attach to equipment with up to 2.5 kg of weight.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Swivel Hook Tale

A reliable tethering solution, the elasticated bungee lanyard comes with tensile resistance and is tested for tensile resistibility and handling objects up to 2.5 kg of weight. This tethering equipment consists of a standard lanyard, a bungee section and a swivel hook tale made from stainless steel.

Elasticated Bungee Lanyard with Screwgate Tale

Shock absorbent, reliable and industrial grade quality are the top features of this bungee lanyard, crafted with an elasticized cord. It offers an anchorage point with screwgate tale for handling small tools and equipment that reach up to 2.5 kg in weight.

When handling tools at heights and keeping them safe from falling down there is no other tool more suitable that Lanyards. These are designed for handling personnel tools as well as suspended heavy tools.

Dedicated to the significance of safety lanyards for tools working at height is without a doubt any compromise to work efficiency. We have an available range of tool lanyards for best performance in a workplace without creating toggle and tangle related accidents or inadequacy to prevent tool drops and other complications for nearby machinery.

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