Fall protection program for tools is only a matter of perspective:

Even the smallest tool can create grave results if dropped from a height or high enough surface. For as long as the force of gravity has existed dropped objects have been a problem. According to gravity laws, there are two factors that affect an object's fall impact; the weight of the tool and distance of the fall. Accidental kicking or dropping any object can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. Direct fall or divergence contacts are the two modes of tool drop impact. There are more than 52,260 recorded incidents of people being struck by falling objects in the last recording period, according to OSHA. Many contractors do not take the necessary precautions to prevent fall-related injuries by providing workers with personal fall protection systems for both the workers and their tools. Our range of fall protection tools solutions is designed to prevent and control dropping tools when working at heights.


Here are basic safety protocols that can be applied to eliminate fall from heights:

• Elimination of the fall
• Utilizing passive systems such as mesh netting, screens meshes, balustrades etc.
• Restraining the fall with buckets and Industrial Climbers Bags with secure closure, tool holsters and pouches
• Tool anchoring solutions
• Creating safety barricades below the height

Who needs height safety accessories for tools?

Any businesses that require manufacturing, installation, construction, maintenance activitiesand work performance in a heights are subjected to tool drop incidents. Anti-drop tools are suitable for many industries both onshore and offshore.This includes a wide range of industries including

• Power generation and maintenance
• Construction sites
• Oil and gas rigs
• Mining and refineries
• Wind farming towers
• Marine industries
• Maintenance of public structure
• Cityscaping and more

Accessories to Fight Gravity;

Self tethering Accessories are small editions that make a significant difference when working at heights. Tethers create fit-for-purpose attachment points on your tools to make them suitable for work at height. we offer five main categories including;

Self tethering tools
Self-tether solutions are constructed in compliance with specific tools and utility. You can connect them to your handy objects such as a spanner or a measuring tape or other lanyard attachments.

D Shackle

Engineered in the form of the shackle, the D shackle attachments are used for lifting and creating a secure tether to other tools in anchoring systems. Both the main body and the pin of our D shackles are made from durable stainless steel, treated with heat for a robust reliability and abrasion resistance.

They are used mainly for captive eye hand tools and mounting other similar tools. when it comes to size, they are designed in four variants ranging from 4mm to 10mm.

Heat Shrink Loop

Heat shrink tethers use a conventional method for precise fitting and also fast attachment to lanyards. The design does not use any stitching which holds webbing in a secure position which prevents sliding out of the heat shrink. Our shrink loops are designed for a variety of load limits and utility.

Tethering Tape

Tether tapes offer heavy duty and self fusing adhesive technology for an instant and all-in-one solution. Our tapes are made from tear resistant material used for small and large tether tails.

They are also applied to secure any other attachment points when there are no anchoring slots. You can use a heat shrink cover to secure that wrap in its place.


Lanyards are compromised from a series of cords and rope with an anchoring hook on one or both ends. Tool Lanyards are designed as a connective link between tether tool and anchor point such as body harness. In addition to permitting free flow movement and prevention of tripping, they are available in various configurations to cater for different types of anchoring and application. Some lanyards are also used for climbing ladders and fall-prone locations, known as arborist lanyards.

Tool Kits

If you want all your tools in one place without worrying about accessibility or dropping them. check out our Tool Belts and All-in-One Tool Arrest. A Tool Scaffolders Belt permits accessing pouches, attaching tools and tethers at your own comfort. These handy equipments feature;
• Soft padding for comfortable wear
• Customizable
• Durable and tear resistant

Hand tools

RAAH Safety offers an expansive collection of handy Hand Tools such as bolt cuttered, spanners, Chisels and Allen Key Sets, all designed with a tethered edition of height safety. Each tool is also available in both metric and imperial sizing to best suit your workplace demands.


There are several extra solutions for height safety. From large buckets, to tool pouches. Tool buckets are designed for workers in height, who require carrying several tools and heavy loads. They come with a closure system for easy climb up and down. Our tool pouches are available in standard and extra-deep models. They range from particular tool holders such as spanner holsters, to universal pouches with several compact compartments.

Tool Tethering Products

Adjustable Wristband

Although all use a hook and loop system to secure a low weight tool around the wrist with modifiable wrist fitting. Our wrist tool lanyards are available with bayonet loop or swivel function to attach directly to an anchoring system/tether via choking, loop or with the help of a connector. By using this safety equipment, you can free the tool from your and without worrying about correct storage or accidental drops.

each edition is easily adjustable to the size of the wrist for a form fitting wear, and also comes with expansion joints. The overlock and the retainer loop enhance the design with more safety by securing the strap. They are available in Bayonet Wristband, Swivel Wristband, Wristband & Swivel Lanyard models.
• Designed with a comfortable elastic wrist band
• Built for instant attachment to equipment

Tool Pouch

Our tool pouches are available in standard and extra-deep models. Standard model features are highlighted as;
• Designed with heavy-duty canvas
• Puncture resistant
• Multiple inner compartments
• Integrated tethering hooks and D-Ring
• Integrated with a hook- loop closure system

Designed to keep tools at their place at all times, our holsters and pouches are innovative height safety additions available in different sizes and tool specifications.

Measuring Tape Holsters are designed for compliance with tape measures and a retractable tool leash. Battery sleeves, on the other hand, are constructed for drill kits and similar appliances. Check out our pouch and holster catalog or contact us for a specific model.


When it comes to handling objects at a height and keeping them safe, there is no tool more functional that tethers. They are designed for handling personnel, tools, suspended loads, etc. Each variety is especially engineered for particular functions.


The webbing tool lanyards are designed with flat webbing particularly meant to be used for industrial tools or climbing sports.

Each edition is designed with a double action carabiner that secures slip, fall and accidental tool drops. The other end is designed with a loop structure for captive hold or hanging the webbing around an object. Please note, for heavier objects over 2.5 kilogram, use fixed points other than your body to avoid falling off balance in heights.


Our elasticised tool lanyards are secured with a barrel lock mechanism with easy release for instant utility or exchange of tools. While available in several models, they are constructed from heavy duty and tear resistant materials.


Viper tool lanyard and connectors are available in various sizes, which come with a female connector and a D- Ring to facilitate instant connection to male-viper range products, for quick switching of tools.

These are remarkably versatile in usage, as a comprehensive tethering solution. The design includes a robust buckle system to resist dynamic pressure or impacts.

The arrangement supports the user in picking the most convenient combination of units to result in a quick and safe facility.

Final Words:

Drop Objects Safety is a crucial part of workplace safety assessment that ranges from industrial, to residential safety. If you require any advice on your choice of tool arrest safety, need a question on our Tethered Land Rig Kit, or you can not find what you are looking for on the list above, contact our safety expert group at RAAH Safety today to place an order, get more information or even request customized pieces to match your business’s particular demands.


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