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For a comprehensive heavy load management system, RAAH Safety offers pallet lifting bars with assembly kits for easy, quick and reliable management of palletized cargo. In effect there is no pallet lifting system complete with the appropriate pallet bars and relevant fragments for a secure assembly.

Component Specifications

These palletized cargo lifting assembly kits are our PB011 Pallet lifting bars along with the complete assembly kit, which includes of wire rope, shackle, hooks, fittings and square spreader. Designed with singular package to cater to the pallet lifting activities in diverse environments. They include the following fragments;

All the fragments included in our Heavy Duty Pallet lifting assembly kit are put together to provide all the required locks and fixing attachments for overhead lifting with mechanical lifts or cranes.

1. Load Restraint Bars or Lifting Bars

Lifting bars or cargo restraint bars are designed with sturdy metal alloys to provide an excellent load restraint for different transport options including work boats or cargo pallets transfer from unloading boats to rig. They are designed to secure the load and provide better control over heavy objects while transport or stationary storage. Please make note to double check the bars and ensure the appropriate placement to prevent mid-operation incidents which result in cargo loss or damage. These bars are a must have part of the marine work vessels pallet assembly kit.

Another factor to keep in mind while using the safety lifting pallets bars is the ratio of lifting capacity of the bars and the actual weight of a cargo load. Surpassing the working load limits may result in load failure. If a cargo crosses the lifting bar weight limit, you can secure your lift by incorporating a few bars instead of one. This way, your load receives adequate support.

pallet bar assembling kit

For a balanced lifting operation when using the bars, ensure to mount them at a 900mm distance for centralizing the weight.

2. Square Spreader Beams

Our Pallet Spreader Beams are manufactured with sturdy material for durability and fail-proof reliability when lifting heavy loads. They offer excellent load support with versatile utility for attachment to pallet lifting slings and pallet lifting equipment for cranes. The Square Spreader features a square frame, manufactured with a square tube construction to lift standardized pallets by using multi leg slings.

3. Wire Ropes

To hoist, secure, and lift pallets with mechanical lifts or cares, a sturdy connection rope is a must have accessory. Our wire ropes are available in custom thicknesses and length with corrosion protection and high tensile resistance.

4. Hook Attachments and Metal Fittings

Our metal fitting is offered in standard but can be available in custom sizes as per requirement, components and thicknesses for the variety of pallet profiles and lifting solutions. You can get all the related accessories that meet all storage or lifting requirements of your pallet lifting systems.

Industrial Use

Any industry handling cargo pallets and heavy load transport and storage is required to use a safe and efficient pallet system. These schemes are highly utilized in the following industries;

RAAH Pallet Lifting Bars Features

Pallet Bar Assembly kits are tailored with intelligible components to safeguard your pallet lifting schemes, such as in spreader bar rigging, to increase workplace safety and add convenience and speed to your workflow. All the components in these bulk material lifting pallet assembly kits are manufactured with features that permit for precise fitting and quick installments. General features of the Raah safety pallet lifting kit are as following;

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