Kenco Pipe Lifter

Kenco pipe lifter

Pipe lifting and handling is a frequent task across numerous industries in means of gas and liquid substance transport. Traditional methods, including ductile iron or reinforced concrete, for handling heavy cylindrical objects such as pipes are rather time-consuming. Mechanical pipe lifting tool was introduced to increase workflow efficiency, reduce time and add to the safety effectively. In this article, we introduce to you Kenco Pipe Lift, an ultimate solution to handling, lifting and placing pipes as it is a simplistic scissors style friction clamp. Also known as a pipe lifting clamp, this device handles a large range of sizes akin to industrial pipes, a hundred percent independent of other hydraulic and industrial lifting devices in real world operation.

Uses Across Industries

Kenco pipe lift is an all-rounder pipe rigging clamps and crane lifting accessories with a widespread popularity across many sectors. This design is best used as an addition to crane or forklift lifting device in the following fields of work;

Industrial Field of Utility

Any industrial field that requires lifting of heavy objects, despite the shape, size and material, can benefit from this one tool.

They can also be used as pallet lifting equipment for cranes, as box lifting devices, and an overhead crane pallet lifter


How does an automatic pipe lifting clamp work?

The operator can simply use the clamps to attach to the pipes, lift and transport them without any manual intervening- hence categorized among the highly regarded hands free safety equipment. By pushing a few buttons, the legs of the pipe lifting clamp are wrapped around the pipe for lifting.

The Kenco pipe lifter is constructed with a unique extra wide profile design to provide a safe lift, even when the clamps are not located exactly at the center. These automatic types of lifting clamps come with scissor action, which utilizes natural gravity to attach scissor clamp for clamping tubes securely, thus making it complete hands-free. The internal actuator system allows the operator for pipe pick up one after another, the initial cycle grabs a single pipe and the second cycle locks the tongs open for a second pick instantly. No additional personnel is needed to setup again hence improving both safety and efficiency.

Any pipe size between 4 to 48 inches in diameters can be lifted with the standard models. Although for higher and lower dimensions or other specific sizes, custom lifting pipe lifts with specialized tongs can be designed as well. Noted among the fine engineering features, every model of Kenco pipe lifters is enriched with a rubber lining to prevent any damage and scratching of the body of the pipe while lifting, transport, and positioning.

Here is a general outline of the device’s functionality and its attachment to lifting bars for cranes:

1.  The device’s frame lifting hoist is set into an open position and lowered for load lifting.
2.  Lifter’s tongs are placed on the pipes, which automatically releases the actuator.
3.  Further, the pipe hoist is raised, triggering the gravity-based grip and lifting fixture.
4.  Pipe is lifted and then lowered for secure positioning- as the load sets, the hatch releases automatically.

Feature specifications

While considered a highly convenient investment to your pipe handling system, these pipe tongs lifting devices set forth enhanced safety handling for pipes, machineries and workplace as well as personnels. Here are some key features for a quick overview of this pipeline lifting equipment’s capabilities;

Several models offer a variety of pipe lifting tongs features and lifting capacity. Each model is specialized for a minimum of two different pipe sizes.


A Glance on Certifications

Similar to all other mechanical safety tools and pipe lifting equipment, certifications are the guarantee of reliable performance of a product. Kenco pipe and crane lifting accessories are all certified under US patent, while in compliance with the up to date global standards such as ASME B30.20 and BTH-1, and other approved safety policy checks by OSHA and CanOSH. You can rest assured that every ordered piece has been hand checked by competent engineers before reaching your premises.


Final Observations

For industries that handle pipe on a regular basis, Kenco pipe grabs stands as an integral solution as a hoist lifting equipment that is both safe and efficient.

Kenco’s various types of lifting devices provide a safe, easy, and efficient solution for lifting and placing pipes. The function of Kenco pipeline lifting equipment is fully automated. Reducing the need for manpower and machinery which results in cost reduced operations. Industry owners are highly satisfied with the pipe lifting devices, based on statistics showing a minimum of a double growth in productivity rates.

As an authorized distributor,RAAH Safety presents you a wide range of Kenco pre-made and custom lifting devices to offer the perfect fit to your specific demand. Our experts are available round the clock to answer any questions regarding Kenco pipe lifter and our other safety products.

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