All-In-One: KENCO SUPERLIFT with Interchangeable Tines

On an industrial construction site, mechanical lifting device operations for objects that are differed in shape, weight and material usually required different types of lifting equipment. To reduce costs, save hours and increase convenience the Kenco Superlift was introduced. Kenco Superlift remains as one of the few lifting devices that permits performance of various lifting operations. This ability has risen from an innovative construction, based on facilitating the option of Interchangeable tines, hence grabbing and lifting of a wide range of material and objects without the need to hook up additional hydraulics for it to operate, thus becomes effortless.

Instead of investing in several individual lifting gear products or lifting equipmentSuperlift sets forth an all-in-one solution with versatile loader attachment for different jobs that cuts on time and investment while increasing workflow efficiency.

kenco superlift

Industrial Field of Utility

Any industrial field that requires lifting of heavy objects, despite the shape, size and material, can benefit from this one tool.

How Kenco Superlift Can Revolutionize Your Industry

The general design of kenco superlift is widely based on traditional on-site lifting devices, which was modified to a customizable option to integrate versatility. The device’s attachment is modifiable by a simple pushing of a button which prepares the device for grabbing a different object. This line of kenco lifting products offers customized tines based on customers’ particular demand; if you are not finding the model that suits your lifting application, you could communicate your needs with us and we will have it made just for you.

Due to versatile demand in the market, kenco tools distributors permit purchasing the operative body of Kenco Superlift separately from its attachments. This way you can create your own perfect lifting device by purchasing or ordering the custom tines.

If dealing with any of these lifting tasks, you can increase efficiency with the introduction of these innovative lifting gear products into your weight handling, lifting and transport system;

  • Moving of Walls, precast steps and concrete blocks
  • Pipeline lifting equipment and drums
  • Lifting and transporting raw material or produced goods

Functionality of Kenco Superlift Explained

Kenco below the hook lifting products stands out in the market for a key characteristic; interchangeable tints and modifications according to lifting objects. The modifiable legs allow lifting and transport of block pieces, as round, horizontal or vertical pipe lifting devices, as well as logs, or cubic warehousing containers.

Defined by a scissor action, the main body of kenco superlift works as an actuator, which attaches to versatile lifting tongs. For further safety, the custom superlift hooks up with a simply installed shackle and clasp. As an imperforate lifting solution, there is no need for other hydraulic devices for assisted lifting.

Choosing the perfect tines depends on the shape and material of the objects in your line of work. Here is a closer look at the type of attachments in both available series of this multilifter;

  • Barrier lifter tongs: constructed for safe lifting of concrete walls and precast slabs. It is best applicable with SL6000 and SL12000 Models allowing a 6 to 12 inch superlift grip range.
  • Pipe tines lifter attachments: three sizes of in-built pipe lifting attachment
  • in Superlift 6000 and 12000 models
  • Log and Debris lifter: designed for handling loose debris with three sizes of the log/debris attachments for the mentioned models
  • Block superlifter: attachments only available for SL12000 Model, offering a grip range up to 42 inches.

Certified Lifting and US Patented Superlift

Each lifting device is tested throughout the production to ensure impeccable reliability and safety while performing lifting tasks; the device comes with certified testing and is also hand-tested before dispatch. Such certifications are in accordance with global safety standards such as OSHA and CanOSHs. While engineered in the US, Superlift holds a US patent for safety policy compliance.

Key Specifications

Engineered line of kenco superlift options cater for various industrial needs- hence feature specifications vary slightly between their models. As a general rule, the lifting tongs design varieties in standard models range in capacity between 6000 to 12000 lb.

Model Availability:

  • SL12000 Model
    This model is suitable for wall and block lifting, as well as heavier and wider objects. As the name indicates, the maximum capacity of lifting reaches up to 12000 lb, or 5440 kg.
  • SL 6000 Model
    Most suitable for logs and pipe lifting with average industrial size and weight, and a lifting capacity of 6000 lb, or 2720 kg.

Final Advise

If you are dealing with lifting various objects frequently and industrial scale, this unique tool is designed for your line of work. By increasing adaptability and cutting down time that you would normally involve changing between hydraulic lifts to pick up, place and transport different objects you can invest in the kenco superlift all-in-one solution. The main body can be purchased separately as well as the tines attachments of your choice by contacting RAAH Safety Company for particular requirements.

In addition to highly satisfactory customer reviews and recorded work efficiency by shortening application time, the tool requires absolutely no manual handling- which ensures your personnel hands free safety. Now, one lifter can transform from a block lifter to a pipe handler saving work hours and decreasing costs, Several employers swear by this product as an ergonomic and effective resolution in the lifting industry.

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