Adjustable Load Lifting Innovation; Introducing Telescopic Spread Beams

Lifting and moving large steel and concrete objects is a common task across several industries. Adjustable spreader beams were made to make these processes easy, for crane spreader assisted lifting and hoisting heavy or large increments. This article shines a light on the function and features of the extremely practical telescoping spreader bar, highlighting points that guide you through your purchase.

Industrial Utility

The adjustable spreader beams are a perfect addition to outdoor lifting applications. Spread Beams were used at the Gas Plant by Chevron. They are designed to accommodate a variety of sizes while keeping the load in balance, particularly used as lifting bars for cranes.

Here are a few examples of the industries that can benefit from this lifting innovation:

  • Construction sites
  • Oil & GAs drilling sites
  • Heavy-duty pipe production and maintenance
  • Mining sites
  • Refineries
  • Energy production industries and more
telescopic spreader beams


These adjustable spreader beams are designed with a telescopic mechanism to integrate a wide range of load sizes. The upper rigging spreader beams extend between each lift point on both sides to enhance the stability aesthetics.

The spreader bar for lifting design comes with two swivel hooks to accommodate easy and secure movability. An additional chain could be used for supplementary safety and securing the load. For larger load sizes and handling of higher capacity, custom or premade supplements are ordered; you can communicate with our experts to find the most suitable series for your industrial use to address every aspect of your below hook needs.

While the stability of the load is not safeguarded with one lift magnet beam in case of off-center or round load lifting, this telescopic and adjustable leg spreader bar permits the incorporation of two or more magnets with a single lifting source. In addition to the spreader bar rigging, these magnets keep the load stable and minimize its movements when suspended. Furthermore, this load spreader feature decreases the height required for lifting the load and hence contributes to a safer work environment.

Key Specification:

The adjustable spreader bars for lifting arms are constructed with tubular sections that perform a slide in action for extending its adjustability to various sizes. The stability of the hoist spreader beam load is safeguarded by engineered perfection of a rigging spread between the two ends. They are available in a range of lengths, capacity handling, top chain rigging, and wire rope, which can be supplied on demand.

Considered as a rather innovation to heavy-duty lifting systems and cranes, the adjustable telescopic spreader bar offers budget-friendly varieties to more sophisticated editions. You can order any magnitude from 1m upwards and increase the given support to your beam to extend the lifting beams up to 19m.

Our spreader bar complies & comes with the below:

Final Words on Our Adjustable Lifting Beams

The adjustability of crane hooks into this telescoping spreader bar, the process of lifting loads that are prone to leaning off balance and tipping over, has turned into a safe and easy process.

Explore all of our available categories and choose the exact edition that matches your load size, capacity, and other lifting demands. Unsure of which one is the perfect pick such as adjustable spreader bars for cranes, requiring supplementary and custom-made pieces, or seeking a quotation on bulk purchases? Contact our team of experts, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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