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The FOSV or Full Opening Safety Valve, is a ball-type safety valve that is designed to check the outflow through the drill string. It is found in most gas and used for oil drilling operations when the drill string is pulled back from the well. To handle the valve correctly, we introduce FOSV Handling Tool. What makes this tool special is its unique structure; it helps limit the loss of valuable fluid leakage, increases safety, and enhances workflow.

FOSV Handling Tool, premium design for integration into the Fully Open Safety Valve. Prevents drill pipe from well flowing through in case of a FOSV/Kelly Valve failure. Mitigates risks by safe functions for various drilling applications. A robust and innovative system with SWL. Ideal for well-casing outage management and maintenance. Compliant with the Oil-Gas Company’s requirements.

How does the FOSV Handling Tool work?

If the well flows through the drill pipe, a FOSV with a pre-installed FOSV Handling Tool can be instantaneously secured and configured; the installation is done with the help of a tugger. This system is integrated into the Fully Open Safety Valve/Kelly Valve and delivered fully certified and with SWL. We can deliver for all safety valve thread types.

The FOSV handling tool features sturdy construction with a rugged frame to allow full-opening of the safety valve on the rig floor. It’s designed to be stabbed quickly if a well kicks and is used in case a drill pipe or tubing string has been damaged or ran out of integrity.

The handling tool features are enhanced with an easy-to-handle design with high pressure, making it compact to use for the task. Moreover it comes with a pre-made thread, safety valves that can be stabbed quickly and it is ready to go at any time.

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Advantages of FOSV Handling Tool in Workflow

Until recently, handling and assembly of FOSVs required using lifting caps or lifting bails. Lifting bail or cap requires manual chain tongs when stabbing and making up the FOSV to the drill string. Manual chain tongs have a high risk of accidents, as well as up to 50% of the time, the chains are turned in the wrong direction, resulting in the loss of precious seconds in a well control situation.

The Rigtool FOSV handling equipment is applied without the need to use manual chain tongs. This product ensures safety while saving time, avoiding lost seconds in crucial well control situations. This Tool offers optimization in safety and speed for when your well flows through your drill pipe.


1. One man operation

FOSV load handling tool is designed to reduce manual labor. The design of the circular handle reduces the weight and allows one person to put on and then remove it safely and securely.

 2. Easy Installation and use

The FOSV Handling Tool eliminates the need for manual chain tongs, as safety valves are easy to stab and tighten.

3. Ready to use at all times

With the added safety of pre-installed construction, FOSV Handling Tool will have you ready to go at any stage, with the added safety.

4. Controlled torque

The tool’s circular handle helps create enough torque to tighten the FOSV

5. Compact design

The patented design of the pump permits it to be compact, easy to handle, and have high-pressure ratings.

6. Robust structure

Made to withstand the harsh industrial environment, they are designed with a sturdy structure. They are resistant to weathering, corrosive chemical exposure, and impact.

7. Comes with high-pressure rating

It comes with pressure and performance test certificates. The standard test pressure is 10,000PSI, but higher pressure ratings are selected.

8. Must-have equipment

FOSV handling tool and operating wrench are must-have equipment on the rig floor at all times.

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