RAAH safemate antislip

Raah Safety - Safemate Anti-Slip and Non-Slip Products for all Industries.

RAAH safeplate

designed and manufactured to provide the highest rated non-slip or antislip surface

RAAH LAdder lung covers

Raah Safety - Prevent your foot from slipping on the ladder

RAAH Glowmate

Raah Safety - make it easier for staff to see the steps on the vehicles at night reducing the risk of slips and falls.

RAAH Antislip solutions for stairs

Stair Nosings, Stair Cappings, Bull Nose Cappings, and Offshore Nosings – each one designed to suit specific design and environment.

RAAH Pipe walking antislip mats

designed for pipe & tubular racks; they offer personnel asuitable hightraction non-slipsurfacetowalkonand carry out their duties.

RAAH Embarkation ladder wooden or aluminium

Steps have non-skid / anti-slip surface.


Anti Slip Products

Raah International distributors for Anti-slip products.

Slips, trips, and falls account for 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to automobile fatalities. They are the leading cause of accidents at CMU, accounting for 30% of all reported accidents

Slips occur when there is too little friction or traction between your feet and the walking surface. The most common causes of slips are wet surfaces, ice or other weather hazards, spills, and poor tread on footwear. Slips from stairs and ladders can be fatal.

Raah Safety - range of industrial antislip products serve industries : Mining, Oil & Gas Refineries, Manufacturing & Power, Food Industry, Hospitals & Clinics, Public buildings and other industries.