To prevent tripping over cables and wires and fall accidents, it is important to increase safety by appropriate safety solutions. Cable guards are designed to create a safe bridge over walkways, driveways, and pedestrian passages both indoors and outdoors, where cables and wires are laid on the ground.

If you are looking for a solution to increase cable and wire safety in your workplace that is both affordable and reliable, RAAH Safety Cable Guards fit your requirements just fine.


The Industrial Purpose of Our Cable Protection Equipment

Made from heavy duty material, our cable and hose protector offers protection both to the pedestrian traffic, as well as the cables, wires and hoses by providing a protective layer against outer elements such as; cuts and abrasion, impact and tear, corrosive material, conductivity, etc.

Whether it is a temporary event such as music concerts, shopping fairs, and festivals, or permanent setting over asphalt, concrete, grid surfaces of any industrial, public, or private sectors such as factories or cable deck rail systems, Pedestrian Pipe and Hose Ramps are required to keep the people and wires/cables/hoses safe.

This is especially important for electrical wires, volatile gas pipes and chemical waste tubes where any damage can result in graver issues than a simple trip and fall accident.

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Advantages of Cable Protection

Designed to cater to a variety of situations, our industrial grade cable barrier systems are made to withstand demanding worksites without fail. Such features are important in catering a secure environment to electrical systems and trip free passages. Here are some benefits of using hose protector ramps whether used as metal, plastic or rubber hose protectors in your workplace

  • Prevention of cable related trips, slips and fall accidents
  • Beneficial to private and public sectors
  • Increasing the industrial sector’s safety ratings
  • Keeping the cables/wires/hoses safe when exposed to pedestrian and light vehicular traffic
  • Cost effective solution to compared to potential injuries and damages

Features and specifications

The installment process of these cable protection ramps is rather straightforward. Made with lightweight material, they can be easily moved to the place of installment. They are constructed with a male-female attachment system that helps extend the guard to any length as much as required. You can find the general outline of the Cable Guard specifications below;

  • Designed with polyurethane
  • Lightweight profile
  • Durable and designed for heavy duty use
  • Comes with hinged lid for changing cables effortlessly
  • Innovative connection system by using a male-female allowing Cable Guards to any length
  • Ridges surface for an enhanced traction
  • Inbuilt carry handles
  • Affordable
  • 2 year warranty
guard rail


Cable management couldn’t be easier with Cable Rail. By using an industrial grade nylon, barrier rail helps manage and organize the hoses, pipes and cables. They are designed to withstand the harshest work environment, without fail.

Industrial Utility

Wire/rope guardrails are noted as a must have accessory in industries that deal with clusters of pipes and hoses. Robust structure, easy installment and economic aspects of these cable organizers have added to their popularity, making cable and hose management has been revolutionizing several industries.

They are designed to decrease trip and fall hazards, consequently used as a plastic, metal and rubber cable protector, while contributing to the organization of industrial sites.

Oil and gas companies, chemical productions, factories, food processing and packaging, electrical stations and many other industrial sectors can benefit from an organized pipe and hose system for enhanced workplace safety.


The cable rails can be mounted to a variety of surfaces, such as walls or guardrails with screw systems to save even more space. This way not only the pedestrians are secured from tripping hazards but also keep the pipes, hoses and cables damage free.

  • An innovative solution to organizations of temporary or semi-permanent cables
  • Easily loading of cables
  • Used in industrial and public sectors
  • Economic solution for an enhance safety
  • Decreasing fall and trip accidents
  • Safeguarding the cables from environmental factors

Specifications Cable Rail

In addition to minimizing the fall incidents, other benefits of wire railing kits are offering easy arrangements by a reverse hook mechanism that cuts the times and efforts to install and change the pipes. Here are other notable features;

  • Made from Nylon (PA) thermoplastic polymer
  • Robust structure and durable
  • Sizing 245 mm long x 75 mm wide x 10 mm thick
  • lightweight
  • Can perform with up to 5 standard 110v or 240v cables up to 11 mm in diameter
  • Easy cable loading and locking mechanism
  • Easy wall and guard rail mounting with screws or cable ties
  • Insulative and non-conductive material
  • Can be arranged both horizontal or vertical

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If your industry deals with clusters of pipes and hoses, or even a few passing cables over the pedestrian areas, your worksite is prone to trip and fall incidents and requires safety precautions. Contact our experts at RAAH Safety to place an order, get the best prices for bulk purchases and acquire guidance for the best solution for the cable safety in your workplace.

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