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Introducing Innovative Pedestrian Pipe and Hose Ramps

Stepping over hoses and piping systems imposes two main issues; increasing the chances of tripping and fall incidents, and imposing damages to pipes and hoses. While the layout over the passage areas is inevitable occasionally, our pedestrian rubber hose protector ramps are designed to prevent such occurrences.

Robust and innovative, the design incorporates a robust bridge like structure, engineered with pro-traction surfaces, while offering a durable silhouette to protect the pipes and hoses. They are available in a range of sizes, and features, which this article discusses thoroughly.


The primary utilitarian purpose of Pedestrian Pipe and Hose Ramps aims at the worksites, factory floors both in-doors and outdoors, metal and plastic hose protectors for gardens, festivals and temporary market set ups and more. In effect, the pipe crossover ramp is used anywhere there are pipes, hoses and cables lie over the ground and require protection.

In addition to exceptional safety and durability in handling weight and impact aspects, they are extremely lightweight, and can be moved by a single person without requiring much installation efforts.

A list of industries that can benefit from pedestrian pipe protector ramps:

• Marine Decks
• Offshore and onshore oil rigs
• Mineral refineries
• Food production sites
• Gardening facilities
• Public and urban passages

Pedestrian Pipe and Hose Ramps

What Are Some Benefits of Pedestrian Ramps

The major advantages that a pedestrian pipe crossover ramp introduces to your workplace can be viewed from three angles. Here is a quick summarization;

– An Ultimate Solution for On-Path Pipe & Hoses

Any industrial pipe, cable and hose systems that require protection can benefit from standard ramp solutions. They are designed for single or double pipe systems; it means they are manufactured with different width and length to meet diverse requirements. In case you use your own particular system, you can contact our experts to request customized alteration instead of standard designs.

– Workplace Safety by Eliminating Trips and Falls

Safety measures stand among one of the main objectives in a workplace, especially focusing on the most common causes of workplace injuries. Fall related accidents, whether for slipping, tripping over or loss of balance, are accounted for by many workplace incidents.

Providing a safe ramp over pipes, hoses and cables offers a great protection against tripping and falls. Moreover, our pedestrian cable hose protectors are created with a rimmed surface to avoid slipping in damp environments, or in case of oil spillage. To increase safety matters, they are marked in striped black and yellow that catch the attention even at night and in the dim light.

– Resilience and Heavy duty Durability

Because of the functionality of this safety equipment, durability is a significant feature. Our pedestrian ramps are lightweight for easy portability, while offering a strong construction that can withstand high amounts of pressure in any tough industrial situation. The solid texture and easy installation has made these ramps one of the staple additions to several industries.


Our innovative cable and hose protector ramps are designed for a quick installation that can be handled by a single operator. They are employed as temporary solutions known as Portable Cable Covers. However, they also can be established over the pipes and hoses for long term use, utilizing mechanical insta to ensure a more stable and reliable protection.

These drop over pipe protector ramps are constructed from heavy duty polyester material that is not only impact resistant but also fire retardant to decrease workplace incidents. The surface is covered with granular aggregates to prevent slipping and provide a better foot grip and tractions. The material is also chosen for its corrosion free and chemical resistance.

When it comes to size, they are made in two categories; single or double pipe profiles. In either case, they are available in pre-made standard sizes, and also custom made editions which you can choose according to your workplace’s demands.

The single sizing includes 25mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm. Double pipe bridges are twice wider.

For further physical description, there are 5 standard sizes available. The single pipe bridges weigh from 2 kg in the smallest, rising up to a maximum of 13 kg in the largest. The double pipe bridges are slightly heavier, arraying from 2.5 kg to 19 kg gradually.

Key Features;

Test Data:

Fire Testing:
BS476 Part 7, CL ASS 2
EN ISO 11925-2
BS EN IS O 9293-1

Order Now & Safeguard your Pipe/Hose systems

Any pipe, hose and cable cross section in pedestrian areas with high traffic require protection. While creating a short bridge over the cables, they must present a strong profile to resist impact, temperature and chemical exposure, while providing traction to prevent further safety complications such as slips and falls. Check out range of AntiSlip Products in the list.

RAAH Safety’s Pedestrian Pipe and Hose Ramps are arranged to withstand harsh industrial environments such as marine decks, oil rigs and exposure to constant traffic. For bulk orders and customized specifications, contact our expert today for the best deals.

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