Safemate Antislip offers a comprehensive range of non slip products including antislip floor and stair treads, non-slip ladder rung covers, antislip coatings and slip resistant floor coverings. Our antislip products can be self installed saving you time and money, not to mention giving you complete peace of mind..

Workplace accidents caused by slippery floors, stairs and other underfoot hazards are a major cause of downtime and financial liability.

Old style rubber flooring, antislip tape and non slip shoes do not adequately reduce the risk of slippery floors and stairs - Safemate's quality nonslip products will help ensure your workplace is accident-free and complies with all relevant OH & S requirements worldwide.

Following a successful external audit on our premises we are pleased to report that Safemate Anti-slip Pty Ltd has been found to be compliant by the International accrediting body ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).

Safemate Antislip - Delivering nonslip solutions through innovation.


RAAH Safemate antislip 1
Stair Nosing


RAAH Safemate antislip 2

Offshore Nosing


RAAH Safemate antislip 3

Stair Capping


RAAH Safemate antislip 4

Bull Nose Capping


RAAH Safemate antislip 5
Safe Plate



RAAH Safemate antislip 6
Ladder Rung Cover



RAAH Safemate antislip 7

Stair Tread


RAAH Safemate antislip 8

Vinyl Segments - Slipfixa


RAAH Safemate antislip 9
Glow in the dark

Safemate Anti-slip understands that oil and chemical exposure, high moisture and salt environments, heavy impacts and around-the-clock operations all contribute to creating slippery stairs, ladders and walkways, and have developed cost efficient nonslip solutions to meet these challenges.

A failure to provide an effective slip-resistant workplace or public area can not only cause serious injury or death, it can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue,fines, compensation payments and performance penalties.

Safemate remains a respected innovator and industry leader. Operational, Maintenance and OH&S Managers have come to trust Safemate Anti-Slip to deliver on time effective and cost-efficient non-slip solutions.

Our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation ensures we are committed to providing the highest standard of quality in our products and services. Our products use only the highest quality materials designed to withstand the toughest operational conditions and comply with the oil, gas and refineries industry regulatory standards worldwide - all backed by a full 10 year factory warranty.