Reliable Cable Management Solution with Cable Hooks

Loose cables, wires and small essentials can cause tripping and other workplace incidents. Safety cable wire hooks are designed to secure your workplace from these occurrences, by offering an efficient yet affordable solution to cable and wiring safety. In addition to creating a coordinated environment and increasing safety, these fragments raise work efficiency by cutting the time needed to find tools and offering quick storage.

Utilities of Safety Hooks

An addition to slip free standards in a worksite, Safety Hook is engine

ered to assist organizing any workplace dealing with small hoses, wires, cabled and utility essentials that require a regulated storing- such as safety gloves and hats, organized food rack. Storing cables, fences, electrical cord hooks, animal cages, electrical centers at any industries, lighting extension cords suspension hook in any large establishment only to name a few utility occasions.

These hooks can fit anywhere from scaffolding, trays, wall and ceiling grids, overhead machineries for temporary and permanent use.

Which Industries Can Benefit From S-Shape Cable Hooks?

A perfect suspension solution and safety organization of cable and wires, these hooks for cables are used from offshore to on land industries, to the very storage rooms and canteen of households. Below you can find a few example of countless industries that can benefit from safety cables:

• Organizing energy cables in Oil and gas rigs and refineries
• Food industry and meat processing centers
• Energy industries
• Marine establishments and storage rooms
• Automobile workshops
• Entertainment industries
• Fire vigilance companies
• Construction sites
• Households
• Data centres
• Petrochemical and chemical industries

Features and Specifications:

Particularly designed for cable safety management and running hoses and cables, safety plastic cable hooks are designed in compliance with worldwide safety regulation with countless other utility occasions. The construction is rather simple, featuring S shaped hanging hooks that safely cling to walls or cleaning rods, for supporting safe keeping and preventing tangling.

Our S safety plastic hooks are available in four distinct sizes, ranging from 6, 9, 12 and 15 inches in large plastic S hooks with a maximum load handling capacity of form 40 kilograms in the smallest size, up to 300 kilograms in the largest. At the end of each one of the cable hanging hooks, there is a constructed hole for safe installation.

• Durable for over a decade of constant use
• A puncture free solution for cables and wires
• Crafted from plastic and glass reinforced polyester
• Non conductive properties
• UV resistant and flame retardant
• Handling extreme temperatures
• Enhancing the company’s professional image
• Adding to workplace safety
• Safeguarding the personnel from slip and fall accidents
• Preventing electrocution and fire incidents significantly
• Available with customizable engravings
• Color codes include, black, yellow, glow in dark, and customized
• Compliant with Standard Wiring Regulations

Our non-conductive cable hook comes in a variety of colors and sizes to cater for all your storing and organizing needs. They are available in black, safety yellow, and even glow in dark variety for cable hooks for dark areas and dim work atmospheres for easy spotting. The Glow In The Dark Cable Hooks are also used in environments where electrical shutdowns are a common situation and are commonly used in army establishments including navy.

Safety Highlights:

Our suspended cables hook is easy to clean and resistant to many external factors, which make a long-lasting addition to any workplace. Electrical safety cable management couldn’t become easier by using our safety hooks.

Appropriate usage of CableSafe hooks can significantly decrease the workplace hazards of tripping and slip incidents remarkably, when compared to a workplace littered with non-stored tools, cables and pipes.

These simple yet adequate instruments help safeguard the cables from wear and tear damages and reduce the overall costs down the line, while contributing to electrical outages maintenance.


Safety Hook Extreme designed for use in extreme environments. The extreme Hook is UV stabilized, Flame Retardant and Cold Weather Rated. The Safety Hook Extreme is marked: UV+FR+COLD.

Choosing the right size is another factor to consider for an appropriate use, here is a quick guide;

• CableSafe Safety Hooks 15″ diameter, maximum load handling of 40 kg, size of cable opening 2.5 cm
• CableSafe Safety Hooks 12″ diameter, maximum load handling of 55 kg, size of cable opening 7 cm
• CableSafe Safety Hooks 9″ diameter, maximum load handling of 190 kg, size of cable opening 8.9 cm
• CableSafe Safety Hooks 6″ diameter, maximum load handling of 300 kg, size of cable opening 11.4 cm


Safety Hook Extreme complies with:

• 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations, July 2018.
• British Standard BS7671:2018, requires cables to be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire, January 2019.
• OSHA Part 1926.150:Subpart F, employer is responsible for the development of a fire protection program to be followed throughout all phases of the construction and demolition work.
• CPR NEN8012: 2015, creating an obligation to classify cables according to fire behaviour in order to be able to market them in the EU for use in buildings.

Our Final Advice:

Whether you need a safe solution for cable management, suspended hoses, work gears and wires in your workplace, to preserve them from slip and trip incidents, S shaped cable Safety solution qualifies for all these requirements as both a temporary and permanent solution.

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