An Introduction to Ergonomic Tool Wristbands & Belts

Tool Wristbands are innovative solutions to keep small tools handy without the need to store and restore them each time after use, particular when working at height also know as Adjustable wrist lanyard tethers tools to workers. Although all use a hook and loop system to secure a low weight tool around the wrist with modifiable wrist fitting, the best wrist tool lanyards are available with bayonet loop or swivel function to attach directly to an anchoring system/tether via choking, loop or with the help of a connector. This safety equipment can free the tool from your and without worrying about correct storage or accidental drops.

Tool Wristbands are available in Bayonet Wristband, Swivel Wristband, Wristband & Swivel Lanyard models. Polyester webbing cuff and energy absorbing ribbed pull cord style. With adjustable loop with barrel lock for tool attachment, the short length improves the drop clearance needed.


Webbing lanyards are incredibly strong, withstanding a 300kg testing load. They’re also very lightweight; a critical factor when working at height. All webbing lanyards feature high quality stainless steel components and are made from Teflonized polyester, which provides protection from abrasion, heat, chemicals and UV exposure.

Bayonet Wristband

Swivel Wristband


Wristband + Swivel Lanyard

Swivel Wrist Band

Swivel wrist bands are designed with a wrist anchor, a velcro fastening, attached to a resilient lanyard. The belt tools lanyards working height varietyare particularly engineered to prevent twisting, tangling and creating complications during an operation.

The adjustable lanyard wrist strap is considered versatile and is used for a variety of workplaces. The design is enhanced with features such as joint expansion ability up to 9 cm under the strongest pulls, keeping loop and secure fastening.

When the wristband is pulled apart at the stretch threshold, the velcro nail wristband snaps open as an emergency release. In case the wrist band is caught in the machinery and tools, this feature helps to release the operation from getting dragged into danger zones. The wristband is made from industrial grade polyester with resistance against UV, chemical exposure, wear and impact during its utility in harsh environments. All our Nylon Wrist Tool Lanyards conform with wiring regulations (BS7671) while handling weights up to 2.5 kg.

Bayonet Wristband

Bayonet wristbands too are secured with velcro fastening and attached to a resilient lanyard. The lanyard is designed with a bayonet loop with a length of 18 cm.

If you use a certain tool in your workplace constantly and require hands free control at the same time, then these wristbands are for you. They are designed with a seamless velcro fitting with easy size modification for a perfect and comfortable fit. You can just drop your tool once you are done using it and regain access again to the lanyards just at the tip of your fingers.

Under extreme forces, the adjustable wrist lanyard stretches up to 9 cm and releases it in case of strain or toggling incidents where tools are caught in machinery and may result in injuries.

It offers ease of use, wearing and taking off, and is formed with highly resistant polyester to withstand the toughest workplace conditions. Each wrist band is tested before release and comes with a certification of safety standard compliance.

Swivel Wristband & 30 cm Elasticized Lanyard

The Wrist Tool Lanyard Swivel & Elastic lanyard combines an elasticized swivel and Velcro fastening to create the ultimate safe, tangle free, multipurpose and convenient tool lanyard. The tangle free swivel and easy maneuverability nominate these wristband varieties for multiple uses.

Similar to previous varieties, these wristbands also are sensitive to toggling safety and in case of being cut and expanded, they release the wrist hold. The snapping point is triggered after the lanyard reaches to a 9 cm of joint expansion.

Comfort, dexterity and safety are among the top features of these wristbands, with an over lock system and retainer loop for further safety precautions. All our Tool Lanyard Wrist Strap are tested before release and certified according to international safety standards, impact and wear durability, snap point and UV resistance.

The safe tool weight threshold remains at 2.5 kg and CE-Approved for the highest standards already in place for PPE


Blade Safety Belt

Pro Blade Safety Belt

Leather Safety Belt

Fixed Belt Loop

Velcro Belt Loop

Safety Belts

When using lanyards and tethers at height, accessing anchorage point plays an important role both in safety and convenience. Safety belts are designed for a complete tool tethering systems and highest grade material for load capacity. Our safety belts are made from premium components to furnish reliable use, and provide immediate access to accessories as well as safe anchorage points.

Blade Safety Belt

Eliminating adjustment fitting in traditional belts has been the core inspiration for the design of these belts. Blade Safety Belt cuts down the risks by anti tangling and anti snagging features, hence increasing the safety. The exterior layer is extremely smooth along with an innovative size fitting mechanism. The Blade Tool Belt also comes with highly convenient adjustment, lightweight construction, and flexible profile. The Velcro Belt Loop is made to resist any harsh industrial environments such as marine workplaces and oil rigs.

Pro-Blade Tool Belt

If you work at height and require handling tethers and lanyards for several small tools, Pro Blade Tool Belt is going to cut down your work-related hassle. They are produced as an alternative to traditional belts with size adjustment fitting, which helps decrease the snagging and tangle incidents and inconveniences.

Smooth outer latter and dexterous material adds to the functionality of the belt, while the interior part is established for maximum comfort with double layered foam padding.

These belts come with a double action safety buckle instead of classic belt loops, and a 50 mm which helps even weight distribution around the waist. All our belts are manufactured and tested in compliance with European Council Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Leather Safety Belt

If you need a tether belt and require a higher wear resistance, Leather Safety Belts stand as a premium option. Our belts are made from high quality organic leather, and enhanced with back webbing structure for a more resilient constriction.

They are boosted with a pair of dual function belt loops, and several anchor points for quick installation and distilling lanyards and tethers. They come in 1200 mm length and 50 mm width, while the weight no more than 360 grams.

Anchor point specifications include 2 stainless steel tether anchorage, and designed to handle over 30 kg of weight. The belts are made to accompany you all day long, offering a lifelong utility if kept at a good condition.

Velcro Belt Loop

These belts are designed with a triple-Lock Velcro and a single stainless steel D-ring to provide up to 5000 grams anchorage point. These belts are considered to be on the affordable side of the market, in addition to offering a robust safety accessory and an increased convenience to your workplace.

Fixed Belt Loop

The belts with fixed loops and a single steel D-ring are too designed to facilitate a 5000 gram tool anchorage. The construction provides maximum safety and comfort with a retro-fitting structure that allows fixing the lanyards and tethers to the belt.

Direct tool attachments to the tether points have been easier with this lightweight D ring belt, while made with a resilient material to prevent abrasion and tear. These belts are highly durable and particularly used in marine industries, around mine fields and other environmentally demanding atmospheres.

Our Take Away

While seeming like a secondary accessory in tether and lanyards systems, appropriate anchorage points in belts and wristbands can increase workflow efficiency, decrease the risks involved in tangling and tripping, while providing a more convenient experience to operate all at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

RAAH Safety Tooling provides safety products which have been designed to prevent dropping when Working At Height. All Tools feature designed with a comfortable elastic wrist band and built for instant attachment to equipment

Make sure to use the right attachment points for with the appropriate lanyard. All Tools can be secured to Tool Wrist Band or Belt. Contact us at RAAH Safety to order your wrist lanyards and safety belts today.

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