Drop Safe Net and Prevention of Tool Drop Injuries

Overview of Gas Grab

Dropping objects while working at heights is one of the main sources of worksite injuries, which can cause fatalities, in any industry dealing with heavy tools and equipment. For instance, fixing overhead devices or maintenance of tools at heights noted among the most accident prone activities across several industries. In addition to having the personnel safe at heights, the system requires additional equipment to provide tool drop protection for other workers below.

Drop Safe Net is one of the effective solutions to tool drop incidents. The net is used as an overhead protection by safely enclosing and tethering heavy tools.


Industrial utility of Drop Safe Net

Known as one of the must-have safety of objects equipment, stop drop tools nets are used to safeguard tools from dropping and used across several industrial sectors. In essence, any company that handles working at heights and heavy equipment routinely can benefit from these nets. Here are some examples of the utilitarian industries;

• Oil & Gas Rigs
• Mining & Refineries
• Energy Stations Including Renewable Electricals
• Chemical Plants
• Ship Building & Marine
• Maintenance Companies Handling CCTV Camera Installations, Cable Repairs, ets.

The Science Behind Tool Drop Dangers

According to the statistics, a tool drop injury affects one person every few minutes, summing up to a total of over 50,000 people on an annual basis.

The most vulnerable inductees are those handling tools at heights for either maintenance or overhead fixtures. Injuries of these incidents range from minimum head and body bruises to total fatalities.

The force of the tool drop impact is related to two factors, weight of the tool and the height of drop. The higher the object is from the point of falling, the larger the impact would be due to gravity. Occasionally the impact is so high that the hard hats even do not provide any protection.

It is mentionable that when an object falls from a height; we are not only dealing with its weights. Due to gravitational acceleration, the object has an even stronger impact when falling, that is calculated about 9.8 N per meters, which equals to a kilogram of acceleration force.

If we have a tool that weighs about 3 kg, and falls from a distance of 3 meters, it creates an impact of 88 J, or 9 kilograms of impact force. This is enough force to crush the skull of any unfortunate personnel standing underneath. Here is drop object calculator formula to help you calculate the impact;

Egrav = PE = mgh
PE = potential energy, J or kg.m2/s2
m = mass, kg
g = gravity = 9.8 m/s2(always the same number on earth)
h = height, m

Now if an object is dropped from a height of 200 feet the function of the tool is surely compromised, while the same weight would have an impact of 1176 J or 29.6 kg.

Being able to calculate and understand the impact force of falling objects helps you to make a better safety arrangement for your workplace, including safety nets, tether standards, tool drop guard policies, etc.

Specifications and Features

The very function of these systems for dropped objects safety is based on incorporating secondary retention nets. Dropped object prevention especially for heavy tools is essential, in case the initial installment fails for any reason. Then, the safety net catches the tool and prevents falling object hazards. The initial attachment may fail due to an accidental impact by cranes or other heavy mechanical transporters, it may be due to corrosion or even human error for faulty installment.

Either ways, nets are a secondary protection, the plan B for tool drop safety at a height. They can be used for heavy welding machines at heights, junction boxes, heavy duty lights, large speakers, CCTV cameras, overhead screens, etc.

In addition to the strong stainless steel structure, a robust lanyard is embedded to the netting in order to secure the corners of the safety net to a solid tether point. Here are some features of our safety nets;

• Adaptable to extreme and harsh work environments
• Can be used for versatile heady tools
• Easy to install
• Universal utility; doesn’t require customization
• Tested and certified for safe work load
• Complies with DNVGL and ABS safety
• Made from premium stainless steel wire
• Corrosion free and robust
• Compatible for any equipment used at heights
• Comes with 3 year warranty


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Our Recommendations on How to Use Safety Nets

Teh first utility is aimed at portable equipment with no secure attachment to prevent any drop zone accident. To prevent tool drop, combine the safety nets with carrying poaches, safety kits and scaffold belts, plan b holsters, anti slip tools and lanyards,as well as fall protection barriers. The best solution is always an integral approach to safeguard all the possible aspects.

These nets are a perfect substitute for tools that can not be held with usual tethering systems.

Avoid using the nest in case the equipment has the capacity to turn upside down with a 180° motion. Similarly, the components that have smaller components that are loose must be secured at first, before relying on a net; the reason is that the smaller objects may slip through the net’s meshing.

Always train the personnel on understanding the height safety and tool arrest procedures, and prevent carrying any inutile equipment to the heights, however small and insignificant they may seem. Only necessary tools must be carried to the height and safeguarded with a drop arrest solution beforehand.

Do I need a safety Net?

If your company works with tools and overhead installments or maintenance procedures, safety nets can bring exceptional safety measures for tool drop to your workplace. These nets are designed as an innovative method to secure the equipment at heights and prevent them from dropping.

Here at RAAH Safety, we offer safety equipment with reliability and innovation to save lives. Contact us now to get a quotation.