Helping Build a Work Safe Environment – RAAH Safety

Slide Sledge is a tool that has great potential to improve wellbeing and effectiveness in the working environment. This innovative hammer uses a sliding motion that is innovative which provides clients with the ability to sledgehammer away alone on applications …
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Ten Design of Valves for Projects based:

There are many types of Valves in the market available which are optimized with the help of CAE Software (called Sim Scale) that is a cloud based for the simulation of Valves ,that let us Optimize designs through CFD, test …
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The Inevitable Concern of Hand or Finger Injuries

Workers working in the in oil and gas industries suffer from hand/finger injuries the most. Despite the fact that these workers are well-trained and work in and around a highly heightened work place, the outcomes still shows increase in the …
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The drilling sector is overflowing with the potential for safety related accidents. Actually, it’s one of the most dangerous occupations around. Crush injuries, chemical hazards, and suspended load impact are only a few of the top risks of accidents that …
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Valves Managing in EPC industries projects:

Valves Management in the (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) industries projects: Engineering, procurement, construction, and management (EPCM) is a contract-based accord between the client and the contractor. Various phases of this project like procurement, design, construction, and overall project execution management is …
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Industries looking at Hose Safety as the next big thing!

Industries looking at Hose Safety as the next big thing! A whipping hose is very dangerous and fatal in any work zone. Hazards associated with hoses operating under high pressure are mainly the result of failures caused by excessive pressure, pulsation, …
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