The gas and oil companies are in decline, whereas green energy or renewable source of energy are taking their place. The fossil fuels, coal oil and natural gas companies oppose the rolling out of clean energy policies. It is one of the most popular arguments to discourage the oil and gas sector and its workforce who work for crude oil and gas and oil investments. There are a million jobs in coal, gas, and oil industries that are being affected by green energy. 

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A future of gas and oil industry workers

Countries are dependent on fossil fuel oil, whether consumers or goals, oil producers, and even industrial hubs. With the increasing impact of green and renewable energy, oil and gas producers and the oil and gas industry is declining and will sink in the coming years. Many projections show that around 26 million people in 2050 might be working in the green energy industry. Consequently, much environmental economics have predicted that installing and manufacturing renewable energy sources can form one-third of these jobs. Yet, the increase in jobs in renewable energy sources will require workers in the gas and oil sectors. They are skilled workers that are familiar with technical machinery as well as safety types of equipment, and they have relevant mechanical skills that they can work in green energy industries. There are a few overlapping skills between clean or green energy, gas, and oil workers at all levels. As a result, retraining, as well as reskilling, are already occurring across these industries. In some cases, fossil fuel workers have asked for training opportunities to become attractive candidates for positions in green energy industries. 

Opportunities for gas and oil companies’ workers

It is well known that Asia is home to some of the world’s largest oil companies as well as gas industries. There has been a current transition towards green energy. These transitions have raised several questions about how few countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., could survive economically without the investments they made into fossil fuel companies. Largest oil and gas producing countries like China have a significant amount of stake in gas and oil; they have started to embrace green energy or renewable energies. This can offer many opportunities for the gas and oil sector to turn around, grow economically, and reuse their workforce. 

Green energy sector jobs represent long-term stability in the oil and gas sector.

Last but not least, the green energy or renewable sector offers more security and stability for the gas and oil industry. Many situations, including the covid-19 pandemic, helped many industries, companies, and countries to realize the importance of green energy. Many Asian countries have the opportunity to position and curve themselves in dominating green and renewable energy. A system can be made where gas and oil industries can be put aside without making workers sacrifice their jobs.