Non-slip stair & floor – installation instructions

Slippery surfaces can not only be a hassle, but they also cause people to slip. Floors made of marble and concrete are more likely to be slippery. Dropping oils might have been the source of the problem, but some floors are slippery even when there is no dirt. Thats what we have coem with our Anti Slip Solutions.

Keeping the surface clean will help reduce the amount of slipperiness in your flooring. There are also products that you can use to make slippery floors less so. Moreover, OSHO regulations require all private and public sectors to install the right anti-skid products to prevent slip and fall incidents.

How to Install a Non-Slip Surface Safely?

Installation instructions for this product are not comprehensive and should only be used as a guide. Always do safe practices and create a risk assessment and method statement. Before using any fixing methods, get help from professionals. If you want to do it yourself, first test a small area to see if it’s applicable to the project.

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Why You Need Anti Fall and Anti Slip Solutions

The statistics on slip and fall accidents are startling; in all types of workplace and public settings, slips and trips can happen to anyone.

Some areas are very busy. The surfaces may already be contaminated with spills, litter, and bags. Low visibility, fallen leaves, and poor weather conditions can make bad situations worse.

In order to create a safe environment, attention should be paid to how students are able to get from one location to another. For example, consider providing more ramps in order to provide access for those who have difficulty getting around.

The right assessment is the key to preventing these accidents altogether.

When Is the Best Time to Install Non-Slip Floor Safety

On priority! To ensure walking areas – including stairs, steps, walkways and ramps – are as safe as imaginable, you need to install anti-slip and anti-skid solutions.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to do maintenance on your premises in preparation. Here’s what to look at our most popular anti-slip solutions.

Step by Step approach to Anti Slip solution (Product Information, Maintenance & Installation Guides)

We have a selection of product categories for anti-slip products. You can order maintenance tools, cleaners, and safety equipment.

3 anti-slip solutions for public and private sectors

 Anti-Skid Step Covering and Staircase Safety Solutions

Our anti-skid step covers are durable as they can be used indoors and outdoors across high-traffic stairways.

The anti-slip strips are retrofitted and can be applied to any surface, including concrete, metal, and wood. They are made of fiberglass and resin, with added carbon-silicon grit on top for extra slip resistance. These strips will provide tread for a safe staircase and prevent slips and trips in your educational setting.

We present a variety of glow-in-the-dark flooring options that remain visible for up to 20 hours after a light source has been removed. These are specifically perfect for when it is dark outside in the winter. In addition, we have the capability to provide complete GRP (glass reinforced plastic) anti-slip ramps that suit your individual needs.

  • Anti Slip Flooring Solutions

Anti-slip flooring is a safety hazard for many people and studies. Schools such as ours have seen the impact for ourselves, and we are fully aware of the severity.

RAAH International offers customized safety flooring with an added grip that is both resilient and safe. The carbon-silicon grit in the top layer of the product enhances its anti-slip property.

The right flooring safety gear reduces the accidents that are caused by slipping because of water spillage or tripping over things. They are cost-effective for schools and other educational settings.

  • Handrails Anti Slip Solutions

Safety handrails may not be the first thing people think of when it comes to preventing falls and trips, but can be a more effective solution in a workspace or public space.

These products, created by Ergonomic standards, are designed to be safer than traditional handrails. They can help guide users down the walkway and prevent accidents.

RAAH Safety will provide a way for your modular handrail systems to be custom-made. Designs are one-of-a-kind and can be manufactured in an onsite manufacturing process.

Make Your Workplace Safe with Our Anti-Slip and Anti-Skid Products

If you’re looking for slippage prevention in your environment, please contact us. A safety upgrade will benefit the health and safety of your building.

What Helps Prevent Slips and Falls?

Management is responsible for showing its commitment to reducing falls by approving flooring products that are designed to clean and provide safe surfaces. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Training all your staff about how to prevent slips and falls
  • Educating the maintenance staff on how to clean spills and prevent falls.
  • Trained personnel document daily processes to allow for proactive support. Important for keeping the floors in top condition.
  • Certified products are certified for use on all floor surfaces. Such laws as ANSI A137.1 (DCOF) or UL 410 (SCOF) assure that the surfaces are clean and will prevent falls.
  • Keep maintenance directions according to the plan: such as dust mopping and spot clean spills immediately, and use signage to warn against slippery floors.

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