Morse Drum Lifters

While many manufacturers are just now getting into the drum handling equipment market, Morse has been making this type of product for 50 years. Morse Drum Lifters offer you a variety of products to choose from based on your application, including trucks and attachments that securely transport drums up to 2500 pounds.

Our Drum Lifter Models:


This machine is used to carry and lift steel, fiber, or plastic drums while gripping the drum tightly. The drum lifter tools are commonly found in construction builds, docks, mezzanines, oil rigs, and other marine areas.


We offer a variety of drum handling safety solutions which can provide many benefits to industries that handle drums on a daily basis, including:

  • Downsizing the risks associated with transporting and handling drums and reducing overall safety concerns
  • Preventing back strain with its ergonomic design and mitigating hand injuries
  • Providing exceptional control over the load and preventing spills and tipping over the drums
  • Offering a reliable and certified solution for drum handling in hazardous environments
  • Eliminating the need for the risks and the need for bare fork drum handling

Top Features

This equipment offers you the ability to lift an upright or horizontal drum with your crane so you can avoid any accidental spillage and workplace incidents.

  • Produced with high-quality standards in the U.S.A.
  • Made of premium quality material
  • Durable construction to withstand any environmental conditions
  •  Heavy-duty drum handlers
  • Designed to handle drums up to 2500 Lb. (1134 kg)
  • Customizable designs
  • comes with rated load markings and unit identification
  • Offers design safety

Available Varieties

Upright Drum Handling Models:

  • 86 Series Drum Lifters: The design comes with under-drum support, which makes it the most common drum gripper tool for securely attaching to drums and moving them to the desired location. It’s most often found in construction, docksides, and marine applications.
    • 90 Series: This model uses a remote grip, and release mechanism to facilitate the handling of the drum. It comes with a range of capacity ratings, including a 55-gallon drum to a custom heavy-duty 2000 Lb.
    • Model 91 Narrow: It comes with a narrow profile and is made with forged steel. While using this model, lower drum completely into an overpack or salvage drum, and lift a drum out of the overpack. Lift either a 55-gallon (210 liter) RIMMED steel drum or an 85-gallon (322 liter) RIMMED steel drum.
    • 92 Series: To start, manually center the robot arm over the drum and adjust it to the height of the drum width. Self-adjusting tong-like action engages under the rim of the drum while raising the hook. The lid must be on and properly secured. They are designed particularly for handling rimmed steel, Plastic, or fiberglass drums

Horizontal Drum Handling Models:

  • 41 Series Drum Lifter: It comes with specialized hooks, and lifts a 210 liter, 86-92 cm long steel drum. Lifting rings and hooks are made with fire-resistant materials.
    • 42 Series: This model offers two drum lifting modes which are as follows: 1) Horizontal mode 2) Off-Vertical model, where you can rotate the drum and set it upside down. It is particularly designed with heavy-duty material to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Morse drum handlers are rated at 125% of their production capacity, and they even come with a Load Test Certificate. They also come with a Load Test Certificate to verify that they meet American National Standard ANSI/ASME B30.20 and 20.9 standards.

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