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RaahSafety for Hilman develop a customized solution for applications that involve heavy-duty lifting, transfer, and transport. Hilman Rollers are famed for reliability, flexible design, and durability. Whether by standard designs or custom-built models, Hilman meets your requirements for the most challenging tasks and solves them by enhancing your productivity. All our rollers are designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey, USA.


Hilman Rollers feature low-profile designs; motorized roller systems that call for less effort and faster heavy lifting with minimal disruption. They are used as high-capacity mobile devices for a variety of mobile applications.

From small-scale transport like cars to manufactured parts, transferring large equipment or prefabricated construction or offshore platforms. Hilman’s powered systems rollers have been used by renowned brands and for moving some of the largest facilities across the globe.

You may know this line of machinery by names such as Rollers, Dollies, Skates, Machinery Movers, and Turtles.


  • Concrete Bridge Span Builders and Movers
  • Marine Sectors for Building and Repairing Barges and Shipyards
  • Large Scale construction and 60,000 LB Compressors
  • Mines and Refineries
  • Oil & Gas Sectors- particularly Offshore Platforms
  • Aerospace Launch Assemblies
  • Stadium & Large Public Building Constructions and Repairs
  • Custom Fabricated Carts &Transporter both Onshore & Offshore
  • Tappan Zee Bridge Constructions
  • Railways and Aero Sites, etc


Models & Utility

By combining innovative engineering with this type of equipment, Hilman has become a brand. All Hilman industrial steel rollers offer standard metric ton ratings. Offering hundreds of models, you can choose the exact roller that you need according to your requirements, including;

  • Single rollers with rigid plates to be used as straight-line moving rollers.
  • Swivel and lockable plates for pivoting and precise positioning of heavy equipment.
  • Weight-constructed models, including; light and heavy-weight.
  • Custom-built mobile kits or in single rolls


Since no two applications are exactly the same for the Hilman appliance rollers heavy duty use, the company has developed and manufactured different technical solutions to ensure the correct fit and function. Here are some unique advantages of our commercial rollers.

● Productivity with Repetitive Tasks

Hilman equipment moving rollers are very suitable for the continuous and repetitive movement of heavy objects.

● Effortless & Time Efficient

They can be introduced to the system as a replacement for time and effort-consuming forklifts. These high capacity moving rollers are the most innovative way to handle the load with a skid or trolley.

● Green Solutions

These rollers are emission-free without the harmful exhaust gas caused by an internal combustion engine such as the traditional forklifts.

● Easy to Configure

These standard low profile rollers come with excellent styles, frames, and features are all facilitated with easy configurations to suit your specific application or project.

● Easy to Operate

There are no requirements for additional equipment.

● General Benefits

They are designed for saving time, money, and labor force.

Features & Function

Hilman Rollers are used as temporary tools for moving heavy structures or objects. They are repeatedly installed on assembly lines or permanently on the worksites.

All Hilman Rollers use the endless chain mechanism. In this system, a steel roller chain rotates around the main steel plate that functions as a load-bearing plate. Hence, the rollers function like a conveyor with low friction and high throughput.

These rollers are specially designed for excellent abrasion and excellent impact resistance over a wide temperature range. It could be purchased in kits that include the same rollers and handles.

Special rollers allow you to move heavy equipment without damaging the floor. Lifting capacities ranging based on the models- from 1.5 to 37.5 tonnes per shoe when rolling on replaceable steel rollers or PU-coated rollers. Custom modifications are available based on your request.

How to Choose the Best Rollers for You?

Hilman Rollers can help you move forward safely and efficiently. The characteristics of rollers of the same or similar weight can be used to determine the dimensions of the rollers for the specific application.

Otherwise, you can list your own demand and find out which models share the same features accordingly; questions about how and where you can use them.

You could seek assistance from our experts at RAAH Safety for the assessment of your worksite, load application, andHilman Roller Models.

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