Pallet Cages | RAAHSafety

RaahSafety Pallet Cages with SWL 2.5 Tons for carrying heavy loads from material boat vessels to offshore rig platforms

Pallet lifting cages for - Safely move cargo from Work Boats to Rigs. Lifting pallets from marine work vessels - safely and efficiently. Customised sizes as per requirement available.

Heavy Duty Pallet cage capacity = SWL 2.5 Tonnes
Lift palletised cargo and cargo in Tote Crates
Size - 1370mm x 1370mm x 1400mm
Open Top and Open Bottom type cages as per their requirement, for easy and fast placement over palletised cargo.
No Side Doors
Specifically designed : easy to install and lockable bottom lifting bars.

Comes with Load Test Certificate.
Tested at 3 Tonnes