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Raah Safety – Improve Handling Offshore and Save Time and Money on Your Prosseses. Raah Safety provide you with the world´s only Tubular Transport Running system (TTRS). We named it TubeLock®. TubeLock® is a unique, effective and safe method of transporting and running pipe to and from the rigs. We want to eliminate ineffecient and costly processes from the industry, improving YOUR revenue.

Technical specifications

– SWL 6.0 Tons


DNV approved from tubular sizes 2 3/8″ to 13 5/8″

Codes and standards

The calculations are made according to DNV standard for certification No. DNVGL-ST-0378 standard for offshore and platform lifting appliances. Accelerations during sea transport are calculated using parameters for medium vessels according to general guidelines for marine transportation 0030/NDI.


  • Recommended practice DNV-RP-C205: Environmental conditions and environmental loads. October 2010
  • DNV-OS-C101: Design of offshore steel structures, general (LRFD method), April 2011
  • DNV rules for planning and execution of marine operations: Part 2. Chapter 5: Lifting January 1996
  • DNV Standard for certification No. 2.7-1 ofshore containers April 2006.

Noble denton

General guidelines for marine transportations 0030/ND Rev. 4.

Material used

Two Materials are used to fabricate the system. Aluminum EN AW6063 and steel NVD36.

S355J2: Pad eyes, lifting pipes, bushing
Aluminum EN AW6063 TF: Main profile and all other small parts.

Design conditions
Se/a state
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