Liftable Trucks

Originally designed for transporting scaffold clips around offshore installations, this truck has become a general load mover as well.


We have staff dedicated to collecting and satisfying all client needs regarding crane features and certifications so that we can provide the right tools for working easily and safely in the offshore industry: safeguarding in manufacture sites, oil and gas industry ships, military uses, dredgers, tankers, oil & gas field, etc.


Typical tasks include transporting scaffold clips or loose rigging equipment directly to job sites.

With foam-filled wheels, the truck is able to move easily over nets, cable tracks, ramps, etc., without the risk of punctures.

This product is designed to withstand the rigors of the oil and gas industry:

  • Construction of heavy-duty materials
  • Wheels that are puncture-proof
  • For fully loaded trucks, there are four certified lifting points
  • Certification in NDT & Load Testing
  • Designed and manufactured according to offshore specifications

Available Models

All trucks come c/w 4-off certified Liftable trucks, 1-off positioned at each corner of the truck for lifting the fully loaded truck around the installation and come with 4-leg wire rope sling assembly BS EN13414 pt1, individual load testing and NDT certification and painting to offshore specifications, top coat white.

Importance offshore-compatible features

You will find all the tools you need for your operations far from the coast.

Our marine liftable trucks are designed, made, and certified to withstand typical offshore conditions (wear and tear, salt fog, extreme temperatures…).

We offer marine trucks for the offshore sector for basic operations, as well as sophisticated applications on vessels, platforms, and ships.

In offshore crane applications, a winch is a tool that is commonly used to lift and move loads.



In spite of the number of layers of rope remaining on the cylinder, the operator can lift and drop loads at exactly the same speed with this special function. In this way, even operators with little experience can handle loads with greater sensitivity and uniformity of movement, ensuring safety and efficiency.


By automatically rewinding or letting out the winch rope to follow wave movement, this function beats wave heave. As a result, sensitive loads are protected from rising up or slamming down out of control due to incorrect rope tension and slack, which can be caused by incorrect rope tension. Additionally, this technology can be used for ship-to-ship operations, ensuring the load is protected to the maximum.


When loads are suspended and immersed in the sea, any ship movement caused by wave action is automatically compensated for by rewinding and letting out the winch rope. A key advantage of this function is its ability to maintain a constant distance from the seabed or between ships because of its electronic control system.

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Additionally, we can provide the man-riding function with the corresponding certified winch for the most demanding personnel lifting applications in the marine industry.

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