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Cylinder Handling

RAAH International is a leading provider of cylinder handling equipment. Our solutions will ensure that if your business needs to handle or store items such as gas cylinders, employees and visitors will be safe.


We’ve got a number of great storage options for your cylinders. Metal pallets, polyethylene racks, and wall clamps are all outstanding solutions to help keep your cylinders out of harm’s way.

Our cylinder handling range is perfect for everything. If you need cylinders transported, we carry cylinder trolleys that can be used in hospitals, gas bottle trolleys that can hold cylinders up to 240mm in diameter, lightweight trucking models that work with gas bottles, and polyethylene trucks, which are completely spark-resistant.

Available Models

Uniquely designed to never tip over when loading and unloading cylinders, the cylinders will be on the ground regardless of the height they’re set at. This trolley also comes with retention chains for added safety. Loading and unloading gas cylinders will no longer require any manual lifting, which means there’s less risk of back strain – perfect for warehouse and workshop environments.

Single Gas Bottle Carriers

Transport and store your Gas/Propane bottle onto your Land Rover 90 and 110 with this steel Single Gas Bottle Bracket. It mounts to the side of the vehicle and is made from high-strength steel.

Double and Caged Gas Bottle Carriers

Hold the valve protection cap on the gas cylinder with both hands. Never lift it by the valve. With your back straight, lift the gas cylinder and walk forward as you go. Once you are upright, set down the gas cylinder again.

Mini Quads

Our low-floor lifts are great for those with physical conditions or who struggle with large steps. They feature low entry, a small turn radius, and a space-saving design which makes them perfect for small businesses.

Manual Cylinder Clamps

A manual clamp is a popular tool used to close a hydraulic cylinder and sealed through instantaneous metering permanently. This action is accomplished with a screw and handle that tightens at increasing pressure in order to develop the seal and prevent leakage.

Vertical Cylinder Lifter

The easiest and safest way to load and unload cylinders is with the use of a lift gate. However, some people prefer to use a vertical cylinder handler for these operations.

DNV Cylinder Rack

These Offshore DNV Cylinder Rack Racks are a professional way to carry 16 standard cylinders at once. They’re great for any industrial use!

Trombone Cylinder Trolley

If you frequently move gas bottles around your workshop and warehouse, the SOLMHA Trombone Gas Cylinder Trolley is for you. This trolley makes it easy to move pallets and welding machines with ease. Never lift a gas bottle again!

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With our Gas Bottle Carrier, you’ll never have to worry about carrying your gas bottles the wrong way. It comes with an adjustable neck and is made of durable poly-coated steel. You can take it as high as you need or lower it for easier transportation, and the list of benefits goes on!

Let our field experts at RAAH International help you find out what gas cylinder and handling equipment we have in stock. Alternatively, you can place an order online now.

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