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Safelift Offshore – Suppliers of Offshore Lifting Equipment – RAAH International

Safelift is specialized in designing and constructing compact and flexible mast lifts for those working at heights inside facilities. Our lifts are short, have a low entry, and turn on the spot easily. Safelift offers tools and equipment to replace ladders with user-friendly, safer alternative climbs. These designs, which come in a variety of sizes, are cost-effective substitutes for other manufacturers out there that also provide similar products.

Advantages of Safelift

Safe working at height

Safelift eliminates the risk to your employees of accidents in the workplace.

  • User friendly

These tools are easy to operate, has a low entry level, and let you get straight to business.

  • Low-maintenance

Unlike many other types of equipment, Safelift is easy to charge and is low-maintenance.

  • Personal safety

Anchorage point for your safety, emergency stop, and emergency lowering.

  • Light and smooth

These tools are highly mobile and can be carried in lifts and passes through doors.

  • Smart features

For example, one of the things that make bikes special is that their wheels are separate from the frame. A USB connector for your bike is also a very neat idea. What’s more, a storage area might be helpful for storing tools when you’re cycling.

  • Certification

Safelift specializes in designing and building quality, innovative lifts. All of our products meet or exceed CE standards, even the high ones set by the EC and EN280.


Available Models

A drum tong is a device designed to support drums and barrels in their upright position. This helps to ensure the safe, easy movement of hazardous substances. Many companies still ask staff members to manually move drums and barrels, which increases their risk of injury and/or related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

A Safelift Vertical Barrel Clamp is a useful device found on the market. It saves the user from lifting heavy weights. This can be accomplished with ease, with just one hand needing to press it down.

Available models include:

  1. Safelift Vertical Barrel Clamp
  2. Safelift Vertical Drum Clamp
  3. Safelift Leva Drum Transporter
  4. Safelift Universal Drum Truck

Grip the shoulder of the gas cylinder or the valve protection cap with both hands, never lifting it by the cylinder valve. Keeping your back straight, lift the gas cylinder and walk forward as you go. Once you’re standing upright, place the gas cylinder down again.

  1. Safelift Universal Gas Bottle Carrier
  2. Safelift Double Gas Bottle Carrier
  3. Safelift Caged Double Gas Bottle Carrier
  4. Safelift Vertical Cylinder Lifter
  5. Safelift Mini Quads

Turntable trucks are intended for transporting heavy goods, made with a large platform that can be solid or mesh. They’re mounted on four wheels and moved with a folding handle to fit through narrow spaces.

  1. Safelift 4-Wheel Turntable Trucks
  2. Safelift 4-Wheel Ackerman Steering Trucks
  3. Safelift Swivel Castor Trolleys

For durability and longevity, Liftable Trucks offers a wide variety of pickup truck brands. Rotary Lift offers a full spectrum of truck lifts that are perfect for any type of truck. The simplest option is with a body lift kit, and Rotary Lift has the best range on the market.

  • Safelift 4-Wheel Liftable Trucks

We stock a wide variety of specialty medical carts to suit different needs. Simply order whichever trolley suits your demand and avoid any compromises.

Our company offers a wide variety of supply specialist pallet trucks and trolleys to ensure you have the perfect piece of equipment for your various tasks.

  1. Safelift Scaffold Tube Transporter
  2. Safelift Spool Trolley
  3. Safelift Beam Transporter
  4. Safelift Board Transporter
  5. Safelift Spool M Trolley
  6. Safelift Gas Quad Truck
  7. Safelift Sheet Carrying Trolley

Safelift enjoys welcoming visitors to their stand to discuss how the business can support individual requirements and improve quality of life.

  1. Safelift Multi Truck

We offer a basic helideck package to meet basic regulations. But we’ll also customize it for you to meet any requirements you need.

  1. Safelift Heli-Deck Crane
  2. Safelift Heli-Deck Baggage Trolley
  3. Safelift Access / Egress Ladder

If you’re looking for a great product for your company that provides access or egress, then Safelift is the perfect option.

We offer heavy-duty shipping container ramps at low prices. These can be installed so that they’re easy to access with hand trucks, pallet jacks, and forklifts.

  1. Safelift Container Ramps
  2. Safelift Folding Container Ramps

The floor crane can be a critical aspect of any factory, warehouse, garage or workshop. Not only does it give you the ability to lift heavy and awkward objects, it is designed for portability. This means you can always lift an object with ease – no matter where you are in your workspace.

  1. Safelift Heavy Duty Floor Cranes
  2. Safelift Counter Balance Floor Crane
  3. Safelift Folding Floor Cranes

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