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Pioneering Hoist Solutions with RSS Multipoint Lifting Beams

Lifting beams act as a valid substitute to spread bar crane beams, which are more compatible for headrooms with limited heights. Categorized among the load lifting accessories, they are particularly designed to provide support for heavyweight objects, mostly with indoor application. If your company deals with constant lifting of various loads with and without help of crane spreader bars, this device is particularly designed for such needs. Our goal is to meet all your requirements; contact us for multi lift beam customization up to 100 tons capacity and adjusting other specifications such as top lifting gears, wire ropes and chain slings.

multi lifting beams

Structure and Function

Multi lifting beams offer a single point attachment at the center, known as an attachment bale, which is located on the top side of the lifting beam. On the lower side of this low headroom lifting beam, several points are designed for attachment to the load; this engineering helps equal distribution of the weight, hence providing a balanced lift of suspended loads. Such weight distribution also decreases the chances of accidental dismantling, which could cause health related injuries and financial losses.

The versatile multi-point lifting beam design facilitates even lifting by distributing the load weight across the beam with the help of hoist spreader beam hooks. The lifting lugs that are located underneath the beam add to the structural support while handling a load, particularly with fragile nature. These lugs are connected with a hook that is highly compatible with standardized rigging spreader beams attachments.

Here are some types of versatile lifting beam used across several industries, for various complex rigs;

  • Diverse attachment points to facilitate different load sizes
  • Enhanced adjustability and flexibility to cater for off center load lifting
  • Lifting Beams with two top lifting hoists and a single central lower part as lifting point, also known as Inverted Lifting beams. These varieties are used for turning twocrane hooks into one load lifting point in case of heavier lifting occasions.
  • Multipoint hook lifting beam additions with crane hook for direct attachment to the load, often sided with shackle fastening

“An Illustration of our 18 Ton Multi Point Spreader Beam Model”

Lifting Benefits

Unlike crane spread bar beams, multi lift beams can directly convert a change in load pressure into facilitated bending on the beam without the use of top rigging. Such features make load adjustments and carrying much easier in low head room positions. This capability is also greatly helpful while handling and lifting loads that call for additional support, such as oddly shaped metal plates, fragile containers requiring more support, pipe or rod lifting in bundles, etc.

Industrial Utility

While renowned as a highly innovative spreader bar for crane lifting, there are several significant uses of these lifting solutions, as they provide secure load lifting with precise handling. Here is a generalized list of multilift beams’ industrial utility;

  •  Battery lifting solutionr
  •  Energy companies such as oil and gas rigs
  •  Chemical industries
  •  Gantry Systems
  •  Hydraulic drill assembling tool
  •  Cargo and transport industries
  • lifting beam for dockyard
  • construction multipoint beam

Where is this drum lifter used?

  •  Docks and mezzanines
  •  Oil rigs and other marine applications
  •  Construction sites


Whether used as a lifting beam for rig or a lifting beam for ship, the multilift is designed as a low height lifting solution, facilitating a variety of uses. Depending on the customer demand, they are available in welted or bolted structural design- the bolt edition comes with a particular assembly with shackle lugs. Each piece is safeguarded with a durable abrasion resistant two-part epoxy finish, in safety yellow with high gloss for maximum visibility.

What Are the Differences Between Spreader and Lifting Beams?

Before ordering a spreader bar lifting beam or a multi lift beam, it is important to understand the difference between the two. This comprehension is essential to match the right product with the correct application. Here is a quick overlook;

Multi-function and versatile lifting beams are constructed for headroom situations, especially when the headroom is insufficient for top rigging action. According to multipoint spreader frames support capacity, they are rather larger than spread beams in order to handle higher weight pressure with more precision. Furthermore, lifting beams are specified for when the lifting situation is located indoors and calls for a low height solution. Among the multipoint crane beam, there are rectangular shapes with various lifting points and single rod beams that offer all-in-line hoisting. These beams do not include top slings. Instead, the design facilitates lifting with crane hook attachments, which directly is connected to a solid lug atop.

Comparatively, lifting spreader bar/beams are smaller; some are used for top rigging function as well, but the laid capacity is significantly lower than the beams. Unlike the multi lift with lower headroom lifting capability, beam spreader frames are rather taller. Moreover, the adjustable construction beam is designed with slings that sustain the lifting process. Spread beams are designed with lifting points that are known as adjustable spreader bar. It means that the operator can reposition them to accommodate a certain lifting situation.

Contact for Details and Customizations

Contact our team of experts at RAAH Safety for further details on available crane loading beams’ models and exact beam sizes. In addition to our standard models, we can arrange for customized editions that match your exact requirements; for instance, if you have specific requirements for lifting situations that are exceptionally lower than standard. This may be applied for including spare parts in your package, choosing from welded or bolt designs, as well as getting a question on bulk orders.

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