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There are many types of saw blades out there, but not all blades are designed for the same use or with the same quality. You might know what type to use for a project, or you might just want an overview of how each type is suited to different projects. 

Here at RAAH International, we have all the information that you need about Cengar saws, saw blade types, models, and accessories you can order in just a few clicks.

1. Saws

Our saws are designed for heavier-duty use. The blade can cut through a wide range of materials, including metals, wood, plastics, and even tree branches. They are the perfect tool when you need more power and precision due to rough cuts (such as demolition work).

Available models

PL905 & PL905FT

This flexible saw is great for cutting Metal Pipes, Sections, Bolts and Pallet Repair. You can also use it for cutting GRP.


The wide blade design of these shears is designed for heavy-duty use. They can cut through materials such as stainless steel, and are ideal for cutting a broad range of materials.

CL50 & CL75

This saw is made with impeccable quality. It’s been designed for cutting FRP fibreboard, light gauge metal, and glass.


Cut metal sections with these innovative, industrial-quality cutting saws.


These series are engineered for cutting steel sections, oil, petrochemical, and pipe fabrication industries.


2. Saw Blades and accessories

We offer saw blades and accessory items, such as blade guides, finishes, magnets and chucks.

We present you all that you need in your workshop, including accessories and spare parts for a variety of Saw Blades. Our products range from limiting milling cutters, and distance rings, to tungsten carbide tips.

Find all categories below.

Cengar Saw Blades

Bi-Metal Blades are one of the best quality saw blades made from high-quality European steel. Find all our saw blade categories below.

Green Oil

Green oil is essential for all air-driven tools and equipment. It is available in a range of sizes, making it perfect for you! MS cleaner removes dirt, moisture, and other unwanted contaminants from surfaces that, include dirty tools and surfaces.

For more information about Cengar Green Oil get in touch right away!

Standard clamp kit

The standard clamp kits e useful for when you have to cut lengths of pipe or other miscellaneous metals. They’re made especially for use with CS75, CL75, and JSZ saws.

Power feed clamp kit

The PipeClamp is for use with the PT75, SRT75 and CFM saws. With variable force, it will allow for easy, hands-free cutting of piping and sections. This power feed clamp kit is perfect for maintaining your work surface steady.


To achieve oil distribution and lubrication, our oiler is a perfect choice. One fill lasts all day – with our oiler, you’ll never have the inconvenience of frequent refills.

3. Pallet Spreader

When repairing a pallet, this metal stick is used to push the boards apart, giving the saw blade access for an easy cut. The reduced friction means that the saw blade will only cut the nail and not the surrounding wood. This also reduces operator fatigue and extends blade life.

Whether you want to remove a damaged board or complete the full insulation process, a Board Catcher is an essential part of the safety process. The Board Catcher should be used in conjunction with either the PL905 Saw or MC220 Blade to safely recover boards from insulation sheathing.

Insert the spreader fully into the gap between the top and bottom boards, making sure that the board restraint covers the top board. It is never okay to use a partially inserted spreader—that will not keep your boards adequately secured.

Care for Your Saw Blades

Sap, resin, and dirt can build up on the surface of a saw blade and make it less effective for cutting. Sap, resin, and other materials will accumulate over time and cause the blade to degrade. If not properly cleaned off with soap and water, this can prematurely end the life of your blade.

Tired of wasting energy and time sharpening your saw blades? Give them a long and happy life by taking care of the blades properly.

Pallet Spreader Cengar

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With so many different materials and cuts that circular saws can handle, there is no such thing as the “best” blade. However, for the best results, it’s important to understand which type of blade is best optimized for the job you need to do. Choose accordingly and get ready to get the job done.

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