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There are a lot of industries out there, but the oil and gas industry is one of the most important to the world economy. All products in this field are designed and manufactured with a chosen quality, making it easy to find what you need from our specialized tools below.


  • There are people all over the world who rely on energy produced by oil and gas every single day. Oil/gas is one of the largest industries in the world, used to provide nearly 88% of the world’s fuel.
  • There are many different types of oil/gas tools, including those that operate with complex equipment to extract oil, transport it to a refinery, and finally sell it on the market.
  • These processes occur under very specific conditions: high temperatures, upsets in pressure or chemical concentrations, and other conditions that require robust structures and reliable tools for flawless performance.

Why Choose Boscaro

Boscaro specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing construction equipment.

These tools offer a highly-skilled control and technical design to ensure that their products meet or surpass the needs of their customers. Boscaro even does custom engineering and manufacturing for specific customer requirements.

Product development of each of the following equipment is helped by the use of up-to-date data processing systems. A product will then undergo extensive real-world testing before it is introduced to the market.

Available Products

  • Man Baskets
  • Ramped goods cages
  •  Pipe Grabs
  • Automatic balance crane forks
  • Gas Bottle Cages
  • Aluminum toolbox
  • Goods carrying cage
  • Spreader Bars

Man baskets

Work platforms also referred to as safety cages or personnel baskets, are commonly used on construction sites as a way to transport workers.

Available models:

  • CPP-G2C model: Man basket for two people – 300 kg
  • CPP-G3Cmodel: Man basket for three people – 450 kg
  • CPP-G4C model: Man basket for emergency evacuation – 600 kg
  • C07.4.3000ZMG model: 4 legs chains for man baskets – 3.150 kg
Man basket boscaro
Man basket BOSCARO
Man basket

Ramped goods cages

Ramped goods cages are great for transporting cargo in a safe and efficient manner.

This heavy-duty goods-carrying cage will help you move un-palletized products and bulky items around your workplace or warehouse. It is perfect if you need to use a crane or forklift to get things moving.

These cages are rugged, but they were designed with an opening front gate, four lifting lugs, and four convenient fork pockets.

Available models:

  • CST-D model: Ramped goods cage – 2.000 kg
Ramped goods cage

Pipes Grabs

Pipe grabs are an essential part of the process of moving large pipes by hoist or crane.

A round stock grab is an automated box that comes with rubber lining on the inside of the jaws, to keep it from marking your load.

Available models:

  • PZTU-30.71 model: Pipes clamp – 1.500 kg
  • PZTU-60.120 model: Pipes clamp – 4.000 kg
  • PZTU-100.135 model: Pipes clamp – 6.000 kg
Pipes clamp

Automatic balance crane fork

The balancing system engages when the shackle is placed into the correct notch. This crane has an automatic weight balancer that adjusts to ensure a balanced load when it’s in motion.

Available models:

  • MBA-20A Model
  • MBRA-20 Model
  • MBRA-20E Model
Automatic balance crane fork 1
Automatic balance crane fork 3
Automatic balance crane fork 3

Gas bottle cage

Leaks associated with your gas cylinders should be prevented by storing them in a cage suitable for storing gas, which has appropriate ventilation and is located in an area that provides adequate airflow. Leaked gas can be hazardous to health and safety, so installing the proper ventilation is necessary to minimize the risk.

Available models:

  • PB-4 model: Gas bottle cage – 300 kg
  • PB-4ZN model: Galvanized gas bottle cage – 300 kg
Gas bottle cage

Aluminum toolbox

If you’re in the market for a toolbox, we’ve got you covered. We offer options that your driver will love: Underbody and flatbed toolboxes, as well as other accessories like ramps and tie-downs.

Available models:

  • PA-650-1 model: Aluminum toolbox – 117 L
  • PA-750-1 model: Aluminum toolbox – 135 L
  • PA-850-1 model: Aluminum toolbox – 153 L
  • PA-800-2 model: Aluminum toolbox – 200 L
  • PA-900-2 model: Aluminum toolbox – 225 L
  • PA-1000-2 model: Aluminum toolbox – 250 L
  • PA-1100-3 model: Aluminum toolbox – 275 L
  • PA-1200-3 model: Aluminum toolbox – 300 L
  • PA-1300-3 model: Aluminum toolbox – 325 L
  • PA-1250-3 model: Aluminum toolbox – 375 L
  • PA-1900-3 model: Aluminum toolbox – 665 L
Aluminum tool box

Goods carrying cage

Want to transport heavy goods on a crane or forklift? Our Heavy Duty Goods Carrying Cage is the perfect solution. Designed with your needs in mind, this durable cage makes it easy to load and unload heavy materials.

Additionally, the storage apparatus is capable of protecting goods from external factors and damage.

Available models:

  • CPF model: Goods carrying cage – 300 kg
  • CPF-FS model: Goods carrying cage – 300 kg
  • CPF-R25 model: Goods carrying cage with wheels – 300 kg
  • CPF-R28 model: Goods carrying cage with wheels – 300 kg
Goods carrying cage

Spreader Bars

A spreader bar is a vertical, rod-like piece that hangs from the ceiling or a set of clips. It is used to support several objects and to allow air to pass under them.

Our spreader bar has a two-point attachment for providing additional stability to the load. It evenly spreads the load throughout the bar and wire rope slings, making it easier to lift them. The attachment points are also positioned so that vertical hoists can be used.

Spreader beams
RAAH SAFETY Spreader beams
RAAH Spreader beams

Available models:

Our specialized spreader bars are customized and made to order. Consequently, the length and capacity of the required spreader bar are usually required for a price quote.

Other accessories

  • IMB Harness
  • B-PS Stretcher
  • ELM Helmet

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