Sling Stik magnetic no touch load control

“Sling-Stik” is a hands-free safety tool for industrial application. This tool allows a user to quickly grab onto chain slings, wire rope slings, synthetic slings, rebar, rope, webbing, welded handles or hard points, d-rings and eye bolts. The Sling-Stik is a rigid no-touch safety tool that keeps workers away from suspended loads while keeping control of the suspended load.


The Sling-Stik system is used in the precast concrete manufacturing industry for controlling suspended forms, heavy prefabricated structures and more. It has also proven useful in hands-off controlling of suspended loads such as rebar mesh and pre-fabricated buildings, structures and assemblies.

The Sling-Stik is a no-touch device that makes it easy for workers to handle suspended loads, offering Hands-Off Precision. The Sling-Stik is unique in that it can be changed between hook attachments with the turn of a screwdriver.

The Sling-Stik is a no-touch suspended load control and hand safety tool that’s cost effective, quick and easy to use, and safe for workers.

How It Works

It is safer to use the sling-stik which protects workers by keeping them hands-off from pinch points. The gadget has two tools: an operator-controlled pusher/puller arm and a synthetic sling grabber for gripping tight points on suspended loads. It can also grab chains, wire ropes and other hard points, among many other features.

The Sling-Stik is a hands-free safety tool that quickly attaches to chain slings and wire ropes. When the user holds the Sling-Stik, they can remain at a distance from suspended loads while holding them in place. You may also change attachments without touching the device itself.


Cost effective safety tools can help you keep your workers both safe and productive. With Sling-Stik, users can invest in equipment that is conveniently light weight and can work anywhere. Sling-Stik is economically savvy as it’s much less expensive than an incident or accident, keeps your workers safer, and when they are happy they are less likely to quit.


The Sling-Stiks are available in high visibility green and yellow with reflective bands. These traits ensure that it is highly visible, cannot be lost, and can be found easily at night.

Why Use Sling-Stik?

Sling-Stik grabs chain when handling suspended loads. However, Some sling hook attachments work better in certain situations than others, and switching them is as easy as using the Sling-Stik.

The Sling-Stik was made to save time and allow for easier hook swaps. The attachments will vary depending on what you’re working with, so purchase the appropriate sling hook attachments when you buy the product.

The design also allows you to easily change hook attachments for various tasks without needing additional equipment.

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