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Introducing Heskins Anti Slip Solutions

Heskins anti slip tape is designed to contribute to floor safety by increasing the step grip. This adhesive friction tape reduces the chances of slip and fall incidents by creating a better grip, and providing visibility to floor and anti slip stair nosing. The tape is made from highly durable material that is applied through an adhesive film to the surface. Depending on the utility, there are several varieties of the tape material and adhesive effectiveness.

There are several anti slip products available in the market but Heskins has been the flag holder of the most effective anti skid tape that is both resilient and effective for over two decades. The company’s efforts towards betterment of their products are constantly increasing by incorporating the new technology and material each year, in contrast with industrial safety requirements. All these factors have turned Heskins safety tapes into an unmatchable adhesive tape with a wide range of prints, grit surface and utilitarian particularities.

Industrial Utility

Any industry with a large enough base and requirements for floor and staircase indications can benefit from the anti slip safety tape. The statistics show that after installation of Heskins safety tapes, the number of fall and slip injuries has reduced significantly, especially around industrial and public passages with pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. Here are some examples of companies that can become safer by using Heskins anti slip grip tapes;

  • Public transport and urban unleveled surfaces such as around planes, buses and trains
  • Food and packaging industries
  • Urbanscape such as stadiums, subways and shopping malls
  • Oil and gas ring both offshore and onshore sectors
  • Factories with over 100 personnel
  • Schools and universities

How Do Heskins Tapes Provide a Slip Free Surface?

Heskins adhesive tape is highly resilient against impact as well as chemical exposure. This feature is designed to ensure their durability and function even when subjected to heavy load exposure or chemical and oil spills. The tape is designed for the sole purpose of providing an anti slip surface, and occasionally offering floor indications along with an improved grip.

At the bottom, the self adhesive grip tape is covered with self adhesive film made from polymer compounds. It is installed by removing the protective layer over the film and applying a slight pressure after its placement on the surface. To increase the durability of the adhesive features, each tape is coated with an abrasive aluminum oxide on the top layer embedded in durable plastic polymers- providing one of the strongest materials existing in the market. The metal oxide in the compound are statically charged with negative ions (otherwise known as static electricity) which make the grit always point away from the ground and upwards. This innovative feature ensures an uneven surface at all times, with a guarantee of effectiveness through 12 to 24 months after installation. Correct installation of these self adhesive floorgrip tape for outdoor stairs and indoor applications ensure their resistance against water, oil, chemicals, impact and even mechanical scratches imposed by traffic.

Where Can I Use the Heskins Tape?

The tape is engineered for a wide variety of applications; although there are several models available to address specific needs as well. At the entrances, stair nosing tapes, fire and emergency exits, uneven surfaces between ground and vehicles and more. Before attending to the available types of the tape, here is an overview of the tape manufacturing grades of Heskinstapes;

  • Standard:
    The standard tapes are the most common adhesive floor tapes used to provide grip and increase floor friction. Some utility occasions of the standard variant are; Public sectors, light pedestrian traffic in companies, and wide enough staircases.
  • Coarse:
    As the name indicates, this tape is designed with a more profound grit surface, mostly used for industries with heavy pedestrian traffic and light vehicular use, workplaces with dim lights etc.
  • X-Coarse:
    One of the strongest anti slip tapes available worldwide, meant for heavy duty industrial and military use. They are the thickest variety available with unmatchable adhesive features and a high friction surface. Durability and resistance were the main objectives in the construction of these tapes.

Types of Heskin Tapes

Let’s have a look at a few types of Heskins tapes available with different grit surfaces and utility, ranging from clear non skid tape to glow in the dark editions:

Standard Safety-Grip: Comes with a 60 grit aluminum oxide surface used for both indoor and outdoor non slip tape applications.

Coarse Safety-Grip: designed for heavy duty industrial grip tape with a higher fraction feature. It is a perfect addition for mud and dust exposure are a possibility.

Extra Coarse Safety-Grip: Made to withstand ice and snow and other heavy duty utilities such as heavy vehicular impact etc.

Marine Anti-Slip Tape: designed to withstand moisture and salt erosion, while keeping the surface soft enough for bare skin contact.

Thick Safety-Grip: especially engineered to mark the buildings walk backs and passages with moderate pedestrian traffic.

Mild Abrasive Safety-Grip Tape: this is the most delicate version available for mild use such as hospital entrance and providing grip, such as when floor cleaning is in process.

Chemical Resistant Safety-Grip: a perfect addition to oil and gas rigs, chemical companies and paint manufacturers. It shows high resistance against chemical exposure without losing its group or adhesive properties.

Fire Exit Marker: designed to spot emergency exit during fire incidents. Available in door mat sized pieces.

Bolt Down Anti-Slip Plates: installed with mechanical measures, these plates are suitable for constantly wet and unstable surfaces such as marine passages, floating bridges and more.

Conformable Anti-Slip Tape: this non slip tape crafted with yellow and black stripes to ensure visibility while offering aluminum grit memory for an all time grip.

Printed Anti-Slip Warning Tape: this highly visible and anti slip tape is printed with safety phrases that call for precaution. Order customized wordings now!

Anti-Slip Walkway: to keep an entire passage safe, such as entrance to airplanes, Heskins offers long mats to cover an entire section for an integral walk-through safety.

Removable Anti-Slip Tape: these varieties are designed for environment sensitive places and temporary events. They provide temporary anti slip protection, while remaining easily removable after the utility.

Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tape: this black and green tape offers glow in dark protection for poorly lit environments and industries subjected to frequent power shutdowns. They are available in different thickness and grades.

Reflective and Glow in the Dark Stripe: reflective mats are available in different sizes to provide protection day and night, used for dimly lit workplaces for both the indoor and outdoor grip tape utility.

Features of Heskins safety- grip

In addition to grip, Heskins safety tapes offer an impeccable resilience with compatibility with a variety of surfaces. Here is the outline of these revolutionizing floor tapes;

Final Thoughts

Floor safety is one of the most important yet overlooked safety measures across public and private sectors. With a reliable anti slip tape, you can reduce costs and prevent workplace injuries significantly.

Our experts at RAAH Safety recommend Heskins adhesive tape as an anti slip solution for their impeccable reliability and dexterity. Call us now to place an order or ask for customized sizes and shapes.

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