Tool Tethers for Hand Tools working at height –

Working at heights often has dropped tool related fatal accidents and body injury related damages that stand as a potential risk both to the worker and personnel on the ground. Keeping the worker safe is the top most priority for any given company from a safety stand point of view.

A Tool tether not only keeps the tool safe to avoid work related accidents but also prevent tool dropping hazards to personnel’s working below. In order to reduce tool drop-related dangers and accidents tool tethers play the important role in any tool stop drop solution, below you will find our range of Tool Tethers for anti-drop tool solutions.

Introducing Tool Tethers for Hand Tools:

Tethered Podger Open End Spanner

The Tethered Podger Open End Spanner is arranged with meticulous details and highly buoyant material. This tethered spanner is all about enhanced leverage. The taper end is employed for steel work, bolt fixtures, and precise work in any environment, while the tether end can be attached to a lanyard for safe work at height and available sizes are 14mm to 65mm.

Tethered Slogging Spanners, Flat Ring Type

Used alongside a sledge hammer and pneumatic impact tool, the tethered slogging spanner is adopted for heavy machinery and carrying out mechanical tasks and blocking. Additionally, the tether attachment ensures a safe hold and anti fall strategy when working on elevated surfaces. The Tethered Podger Open End Spanners available sizes are for handling 19mm to 150mm.

Tethered Scaffolding Spanner 7/16″

Built with industrial grade steel our Tethered Scaffolding Spanner 7/16″ is designed for an exceptional durability and safe usage when working at height; it comes with a polka-style handle that facilitates a secure hold. Alternatively this tool can be attached to a spanner lanyard and anchored to your scaffold builder tool belt or there vest for a hands-free use and height safety.


Tethered Self Retracting Knife

The Self Retracting Knife is tailored with a resistance polymer handle that is securely held by a central screw. The handle itself is contoured and ribbed for slip free use. It comes with an interlocking design to secure the blade. The auto retractable knives’ blade functions with an auto retracting mechanism with spring load opening when the slide button is released. The hole in the handle of this automatic retractable utility knife facilitates the installments of a wristband or small tool lanyard as a part of tool drop protection scheme.

Fold up Allen Key Set, 7 Piece

Loosening and fastening machineries that require small tool sets hasn’t been easier. This Fold up Tethered Allen head tools Key Set is engineered as an all in one solution, comprising seven most demanded hex sets of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm. It is tailored for maximum convenience and efficiency with turn and flip features. Allen hex wrench and other components of the Allen key set come with a Molded-in 90° stop, tool tension adjustments and precise Chamfered tips. Available in both tethered and untethered varieties.

10″ Straight Jaw Locking Pliers

10″ Straight Jaw Locking Pliers provide excellent contact on the work surface, whether it is flat, square, or hex work. They are designed for hassle free, safe and efficient tightening, clamping, and twisting actions. It also offers great control and precise pressure control while handling screws and turning tasks. These flat jaw pliers are manufactured with reinforced teeth for a better gripping power on any object or surface type. Other features are quick release lock, one-handed operation facility and tether hole construction. Available in a range of sizes.

Combination Ratchet Spanner, 8mm to 36mm

Functioning as two spanners in one tool, this combination ratchet spanner goes with a flared head. The tool is constructed with heavy duty steel for enduring and rust free utility and withstanding the harsh work environments. We cover a wide range of best reversible ratcheting wrench sets, with sizes including 8 mm to 36 mm. For additional safety, our tools come with a lanyard attachment hole for a safety and hand free use when working on elevated surfaces.


1B Combination Spanner

The 1B combined spanners is crafted as double-ended and multipurpose spanner. On one side, the tool offers a loop construction to facilitate tightening or loosening of bolts, nuts and similar tasks. Other end is a usual open end spanner. They are available both in tethered and untethered variety and sizing of 5mm to 80mm

Tethered File

When working at height and requiring to handle metal works such as filing and softening metal edges, evening out raised surfaces, smoothing down sharp metal pieces and similar tasks, The Tethered Files are a perfect multi functional tool. The Tethered File handle offers you even more peace of mind for tool drop hazards and hands free operation when required.

Tethered Klein Drift

This Tethered Klein Drift offers a durable utility in the most demanding work environment. The Tethered Klein Drift are resistant to heat, rust, impact, UV and chemical exposure. The free hole tether permits the attainment of a safe lanyard. Our Tethered Klein Drifts are available in two different sizes.

Tethered Cold Chisel

The Tethered cold chisel tools are made from industrial steel and heat treated for additional resilience. To decrease chipping incidents, the parabolic end of this chisel stainless steel construction has been innovatively modified. Moreover this tool comes coated for impeccable durability and withstanding chemical exposures and rusting agents. Available in metric and imperial and untethered as well as wide range of sizes available to cater to any needs and work environment.

Tethered Fox Wedge

The foxed wedges are used to split concrete, polyester, or wood matting surfaces. They can also be utilized when working on metal structures, buildings or construction sites.

These tools are engineered to sit at the bottom while a fastener is pressurizing the upper side. Each wedge is constructed from heavy duty steel and heated for a strong structure. The attached Tether provides safety when working at heights.

Tethered Bolt Cutters

Tethered Bolt Cutters are designed with premium quality material with a spring lock function. The handles are safeguarded with a multi-component grip for comfortable use and an anti-slip feature. The Tether bolt cutter caters for handling and cutting of soft and hard wires with outstanding precision and minimum effort. Additionally, they can be used to cut nails, bolts, rivets while working at heights. The material used in our angled bolt cutters is high grade for a reliable use, while secured with a tether attachment hole.

Tethered Screwdrivers

The tether ready screwdrivers carter to all your hand operated turning and twisting of screws they are available in flat, Phillips and pozi varieties. These are made with resistant alloys, while offering exceptional grip handle for minimizing the effort and enhancing the maneuverability for high rise construction workers. The lanyard attachment gives you the possibility of attaching wristbands or standard tether lines for a safe and hands free utility.

Tethered Hand Vice

Working with a Tethered Hand vise at heights is an important as these hand vice tools can cause potential damages due to their heavy construction while working at heights in case of falling. These flat vice grips devices are made of two parallel jaws for holding an object in between, for filing, hammering, or sawing. They are made from robust material when working in demanding environments and comes with attached Tether for a safe and hands free utility.

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