Conquer Gravity with GRIPPS Tool Tethering Equipment

Working at heights comes with its own complications and risks. To reduce tool drop-related dangers and injuries, GRIPPS has set forth simple yet innovative solutions. Drop tether and lanyard kits not only keep the tools safe and avoid work related stress or distraction, they also prevent load dropping hazards to personnel’s working below.

Industrial Utilization

While proved as vital tool kit addition, any job that required their personnel working at a height can benefit from these GRIPPS Tool Tethering Equipment. Here are some examples;

  • Drilling sites off-shore and on-shore
  • Construction and maintenance of large buildings
  • Mining sites
  • Energy production industries
  • Urban mural art and maintenance

New Arrival

D13001 Medium
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Gripps tool spanner
Shiftre 10

Retractable tool tether with a lock

Made for heavy duty use, the Gear Keeper Tether With Lock retractable tool lanyard comes with a stainless steel screw-lock carabiner. Noted among the safety hand tool lanyards, it is designed with enhanced pliability for a secure anchorage, and a buckle that facilitates a range of tools.

  • Reinforced form-poly belt with 7 holsters.
  • Certified and load rated.
  • Rigorously site tested.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic.
Retractable tool tether with a lock

Coil Tether Single-Actionk

Also named as python safety tool lanyards, coil single-action tether is designed for seamless use, attachable to belt, harness, a pouch tool kit, etc. Designed with lightweight material, these gear keeper tool tethers are engineered to avoid any tangle and possible hazards. It comes with a poly coating for further enhancement of security features such as interlocked tangling heat and chemical exposure resistance, etc.


Coil Tether Dual-Actionk

While the previous version handles rather light loads, the dual-action tether coil was designed for loftier load handling. This edition is also constructed with lightweight and low-profile aesthetics according to tool tethering standard, with kink-free provisions. Similarly, the poly-coating categorizes this python tool tethering among the heavy duty editions, resistance to a variety of external factors.

Webbing wrist single action- H01088

Marked among the most practical tethering tools, the Webbing Wrist Tether Single-Action is designed to attach to gloves and wrist anchorage equipment. It is constructed from the most resistant nylon material, boasting lightness, durability, and reliability. It comes with dual swivel-head carabiners for a full circle rotation and resistance to dangerous tangles.

Webbing Wrist Tether Dual-Action

Much similar to the previous retractable tether tools, Webbing Wrist Tether Dual-Action comes with an extra carabiner, mounted securely on swivel heads. Round circle mobility, strong grip on gloves and wrist anchors, and highly resistant webbing are among notable features.

Webbing Tether Extra Heavy- H01079

Designed for heavy duty use and the users who require quick tool swap, the Webbing Tether Extra Heavy acts as a versatile tether that enhances both fast installment and quick anchorage for heavier loads. Resistant and durable, this tool assists in securing heavy objects from fall, accompanied by load absorbent aesthetics.

Single Action Bungee- H01072 

When it comes to simplicity and effectiveness, Bungee Tether Single-Action is a prize winner. Known for its bounce-back protection, It is constructed with elasticised and durable nylon webbing, with stainless steel carabiner and a textured tail loop that links to the anchorage.

Bungee Tether Dual-Action H01073

Made for heavy duty use, the Bungee Tether Dual-Action is a practical hands free safety tool that ensures durability throughout its application. This tool has turned into a staple tool kit fragment for its multi usability, lightweight features and abrasion free material. Mounted on a highly mobile swivel head, it also comes with force absorption in case of load drop, hence contributing to the user’s stability in hazardous heights.

Coil E-Tether With Poly Clamp H01059

The Coil E-Tether With Poly Clamp comes in a set of varieties with non-conductive clamps that have no metal parts and steel clamped versions. They are designed to safeguard electronic devices against fall by securing a tool into a pocket or a shirt. The electronic coil tether comes with a rather straightforward choking mechanism with side-release attachment. best advertised along with photography supplies phoenix, the electronic tether is used for cameras, phones, small walkie talkies and similar objects.


Coil Hard Hat Tether H01075

Also seamless while wearing, the Coil Hard Hat Tethers are designed to keep your hat in its place. Made for industrial grade utility, this spring loaded tool lanyard comes with a secure metal, or plastic clamp and a heavy duty PU coil. This high effective tool kit addition functions with a choke mechanism.

Tool Drop Box

A true turn-key solution, The Drop Box provides 100% support for your work-site drop tool prevention policy and ensures all your site workers have ready access to a comprehensive range of drop tool prevention equipment.

Our final thoughts

Tool tethering lanyards and tool catcher cords can prove crucial to enhancing the safety of a work environment when working with tools at heights eliminating critical risks and saving lives, although every involved personnel must receive previous tool tethering training beforehand. This contributes to a better understanding of tool tethering systems, usability and, furthermore safety features. 

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