Hands Free Tools Storage Station & Starter Kits

Rigging platforms in both offshore and onshore oil & gas companies use countless tools and are often involving in sensitive procedures. Leaving the tools behind around the work sites, tool drop, and clutter can lead to injuries, operational malfunction and interfere with the workflow. Correct storage of each category of rigging tools proves essential to performance and safety standards.

Why is correct storage required?

Hands Free Tools Storage Stations are designed to implement the appropriate storage with minimal space requirements for hands free pipe handling tools. The Storage Station is made from robust Medium Density polyethylene (MDPE), it comes with compact size to keep a minimum mounting surface area. The Station also has modified side attachments to accommodate custom make longer models

Advantages of Using Hands Free Tools Storage Station

There are many benefits in using the Hands-Free Tools Storage Stations. Here is the highlight of these advantages.

  • Keeping the Workplace Organized
    To add to the efficiency and increase operational performance, keeping a workplace organized is a paramount aspect. By having a proper storage for the tools, personnel can access the required equipment immediately, keep the rig floor clutter free and reduce the time required for safety tool storage.
  • Meeting Safety Standards
    Rig floor safety policies include task performance procedures, employing the right tools and equipment, and correct storage of these tools. By this system, the oil field tools operator can be sure that the certain equipment performs equally well as the chances of damage while storage are eliminated, hence prevention of mid-operational hazards.
  • Increase Service Life Cycle of the Tools
    Correct storage of tools has a direct influence on the safety and functionality of tools. When stored inappropriately, tools can be damaged, exposed to corrosive elements such as store room chemicals, salt water, physical-mechanical impact, humidity and sunlight. Protecting your hands free tools from such deteriorating factors helps increase its life cycle considerably, while preserving its functionality.
  • Space Management
    Considering the high number of tools for each operational category around the oil & gas rigs, especially drilling rigs, space management is crucial. The rigger pipe tools station offers a reliable, safe and compact storage using vertical position and correct spacing to safeguard the tools from external elements.

The Hands Free Starter Kit

In addition to the station, RAAH Safety offers you a comprehensive tool solution with the Hands Free Starter Kit. You can purchase the tool storage cabinet alongwith the drill pipe hands free starter kit– includingall the equipment required for pipe handling in drilling rigs. The starter kit comprises the following products:

  • One Storage Station
  • Two General Cargo Handling Tools with a shaft length of 1500mm and closed handle construction
  • One Drill Handling Tool 1500mm staff length and enclosed handle
  • One Casing Tool 1500mm shaft length
  • One Setback Tool with a length of 1500mm

Features of the Storage Station

These compact drill pipe handling tools stations are designed to withstand the oil and gas rig environments, known as one of the most demanding worksites. The compartments are tailored from heavy duty polyethylene with medium density (MDPE). This material is highlighted for its waterproof, non conductive and durable features.

The station comes with wall mount construction, secured with sturdy mounting clips. The package also includes bolts for wall installment with the dimensions of 12 mm.

The standard version of these rigger pipe tools stations can handle up to ten tools in vertical position, although customizable attachments and installments points can be included on demands to meet requirements, such as longer tool lengths, external hooks, etc. Furthermore, the drill pipe handling tools station’s design comes with a pull-over canopy to provide more protection to the tools from weathering elements such as sunlight, rain, salt water splash, etc.

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Our hands-free tools station can benefit your rig’s organization, workflow and tool safety. Place an order for the Tools storage cabinet and take advantage of our discounted prices on bulk purchases. For more hands-free tools contact our experts, specified for rigging platforms, pipe handling systems and specialized tubing drill guide equipment.

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