Our polyurethane bearing pads are mounted into heavy machinery to prevent wear, reduction of noise and vibrations, controlling the adverse effects of load related impacts and hence contributing to the service cycle of your machine.

The load bearing pads are a flexible connection consisting of rubber pads used particularly as a sort of bumper, and function as an alternative to other varieties of traditional elastomeric bearings.

Features and Specifications

Polyurethane bearing pads are crafted from best quality cast polyurethane. They are combined with steel to provide fire redundant characteristics. Alternatively, this composition guarantees exceptional durability and function.

These elastomeric bearing pad alternatives are compatible with international standards when it comes to function. They add to the productivity and efficiency of heavy machinery. You can order from either custom-built bearing or choose from the standard models; they are available in a series of durometers and colors.

To guarantee high performance, each bearing is built and tested for abrasion resistance, ability to withstand exorbitant amounts of load pressure as well as being resilient against constant or occasional corrosive chemical exposure. Additionally, our field engineers have combined different ratings of hardness in a single bearing for adjustment of the pads according to the application.

Functionality Specifications

Our polyurethane bearing pads feature the mentioned specifications:

Industrial Application

Polyurethane load bearing pads are used in a variety of industries that use heavy machinery and large engivne cells. Some of these sectors include.

  • Construction of wind turbines (incorporated in the installation of a jacket platform)
  • Construction of bridges, tunnels and skyscrapers
  • Industrial grade residential constrictions
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Automobile manufacturing sectors, etc.
The bearing pads are particularly designed for handling harsh work environments and compatibility with a variety of applications. However, there are different types of bearings that are used across different sectors. You can talk with our field specialist to find out about the exact hardness requirements, size and other details. This way, you can find the perfect fit, or have it built exactly for you.

Utilitarian Features

Anywhere, there is a use of machinery that handles large loads and constant pressure, polyurethane bearings can prove effective such as bearing pads for precast concrete, bearing plate in bridge. They are often integrated with machine systems that handle;

  • Horizontal and vertical loads
  • Force countering rotations
  • Impacts and absorption of deformations
  • Heavy duty and multidirectional load

Model Specifications

We engineer our polyurethane bearing pads based on the metrics such as hardness, material requirement, environmental chemicals, and color codes. The major differences between our models are; multiple layers in several hardnesses Shore A and / or Shore and material combination.


The construction particularly uses different levels of hardness to bring what we call the multilevel compression factors. In this scheme, our engineers use different combinations of harness to laminate the ptfe bearing pads. The lubricating dimples are optional with a sliding top layer, or fixed variety. These modifications are considered upon request.

Anchoring Constructions:

The anchoring construction may vary according to PU bearings that are laminated on the mounting plate or the threads. Based on application, the incorporated grades of steel can be altered in your elastomeric pad.


The inserts and cores are tailored to different metals and plastics materials such as UHMW PE, ABS, and steel. Our standard urethane covered bearings models are incessantly designed with steel to increase the load handling capacity as well. All these factors are essentially address demands such as;

  • Pressure levelling
  • Lubrication requirements
  • Compressibility Factor:
  • Hardness; 20 Shore A to 95 Shore A, Or 45 Shore D to 83 Shore D
  • Load bearing capacity
  • Temperature
  • Fire redundancy
  • Compatibility with other environmental conditions.
And when it comes to shape and size, we let you make the call. According to your exact needs, we can offer cast polyurethane bearing pads in different sizes with an assortment of shapes such as options include: square, rectangular and round shapes, beveled or descending, etc.

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