Electrical Emergency Rescue Kit

electrical emergency kit

The electrical safety kit, designed to manage electrical hazards up to 25 kV (model VES25) or up to 36 kV (model VES36), offers versatile storage options. It can be purchased empty, with or without trays that double as shelves, allowing customization to suit specific needs. This flexibility extends to accommodating additional products while safeguarding them from external elements.

For expanded storage capacity, an optional add-on unit is available. This unit supports modular adjustments with removable trays, facilitating efficient organization. It’s particularly suitable for horizontal storage of medium voltage (MV) fuses, enhancing accessibility and usability.

In essence, the electrical safety kit not only ensures safety in hazardous electrical environments but also provides adaptable storage solutions tailored to various operational requirements. Its design emphasizes practicality and versatility, ideal for environments demanding both safety and efficiency.


The electrical safety kit allows assisting people in the presence of electrical hazards, up to 25 kV network with the model. VES25 or up to 36 kV network with model VES36.

 Quick Info:

This kit is particularly suitable for the following situations:

Technical specifications:


  • Insulating stool: 25 000V or 36 000V models available
  •  Insulating gloves: GLB3-36-10 (class 3) for model VES25 or GLB4-41-10 (class 4) for model VES36
  •  Insulating boots TB19: protection against step voltage (voltage gradient in the ground).
  •  Insulating stick PPOLVES, equipped with a hook CSVES: telescopic stick with pentagonal shape for grip
  •  Voltage detector TDPESEC: detects all voltages of 127 V AC and above (does not detect DC voltages)
  •  Cable cutter CCIVES: Insulated 36 000 V cable cutter
  •  Talc shaker TS10T: for easier donning of gloves
  •  Fabric case for gloves TS10: Mechanical and UV protection
  •  Adhesive marker tape S174JN: for marking off an area, preventing a disconnect switch from being reset, etc
  • Instruction for use VESNOT: in diagram form for quick reading and guidance




  • COMPACT: For easier storage in vehicles, the case is 600 x 400 x 310 mm size.
  • MOBILITY: Exclusive wheel system and handle to facilitate access to the intervention area.
  • TOUGH: The materials and the manufacturing process have been chosen to give the case optimu service life.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Retro reflective strips are used for greater visibility.
  • OPTIMISED STORAGE: The case packs a lot of equipment into a small space.


Quick access wall-mounted rescue kit for intervention to rescue a victim in the event of an incident on or near a low voltage electrical installation (also available in 25 kV and 36 kV versions).
Indoor or outdoor use.


The storage unit can be sold empty, with or without tray to form a shelf, without components to accommodate other products and protect them from external aggressions.
An optional add-on unit is available to increase the storage space, which can be modulated thanks to the optional removable trays. It can in particular store a set of MV fuses horizontally.

Technical specifications:

  • Weatherproof plastic case, resistant to weather, dust, splashes and marine spray (IP54).
  • UV-resistant transparent door with locking handle that can accommodate a seal or padlock (max. Ø 4.8 mm shackle).
  • Equipment mounting insert optimized for efficient storage and quick response.
  • Wall mounting kit included.

Contents of the complete PS2- wall-mounted rescue kit :
– 1 pair of latex insulating gloves class 0 size 10 (GLB0-36-10)
– 1 protective bag for insulating gloves (TS10)
– 1 bottle of talcum powder (TS10T)
– 1 non-contact voltage detector (UNITAGUFE)
– 1 telescopic insulating stick (PPOLF2/011APV)
– 1 rescue hook for insulating pole (CSVES)
– 1 insulating mat size 0,6×1 m (TTCL0 0,6X1M)
– 1 boundary tape (S174JN)
– 1 set of 2 adhesive posters on the door : identification of the model and instructions in case of facing an electrical accident


– Small adaptable storage unit, allowing in particular to store a set of MV fuses horizontally
– Removable trays for organizing storage space .


  • Rapid response to a victim facing an electrical accident.
  • Transparent, UV-resistant door makes it easy to see all components from the outside.
  • Storage and protection of components from dust, sea spray and splashes for outdoor use, weatherproof (IP54).
  • Lockable case to prevent the borrowing of material.
  • Great modularity, and possibility of adaptation according to needs (optional additional unit and possibility to organize the storage space with removable trays)
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