Comprehensive Fiberglass Safety Solutions with Eurograte

With over three decades of well-reputed fiberglass product manufacturing for industrial use, Eurogate Safety manufacturer uses premium glass-fiber compositions to enhance their product’s safety, durability and convenience. While elevated safety standards have become a characteristic of well regarded industrial sectors, Eurograte fiber reinforced plastic suppliers aim to target premium quality and performance.

Industrial Utility

The use of fiberglass grating and safety products is extensive across, private, industrial and public sectors. Here are some utilitarian example;

In essence, if your business is dealing with any of the following scenarios, you can integrate FRP solutions and upgrade your safety with the most innovative standards available in today’s market.
  • Having flat panels and slip prone walkways that require balance assistance.
  • Working around charged surfaces with requirement for electrically insulating GRP gratings, with anti static features.
  • Looking for a convenient solution for hazardous workplaces such as areas with high explosion risk, arch flash prone environments, and while dealing with chemically corrosive materials on a regular basis.


Wondering how FRP products can revolutionize your worksite? Let’s have a closer look at all the benefits;

FRP Gratings

FRP gratings are available in two varieties; moulded plate grating and pultruded fiberglass version. According to your requirement, you can choose any of the two. And if you require professional advice for your workplace assessment and the type of grating, our experts at RAAH Safety are at your service.

Features of FRP Gratings:

Here is a quick outline of the advantages these FRP gratings can offer to your sector;

FRP Gratings

GRP Grating Systems

  • Moduled Plate Gratings: Moduled plate grating is a monolithic product and designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions such as chemical exposure, impact and heavy load.These GRP gratings are essentially maintenance free and provide a durable and guaranteed anti skid solution- despite being exposed to oils, water and other surface lubricants. They are also constructed for extremely easy installation.
  • FRP Pultruded Profiles Gratings:
    These gratings offer a better resistance to mechanical impact, while remaining highly resilient to heavy load exposure. If you are looking for an anti-slip surface solution with low maintenance, FRP pultruded gratings can offer a valid and safer substitute to metal gratings.

Top FRP Accessories & Solutions

FRP Fencing Panels

When requiring close-board panels to create physical boundaries, FRP Fencing Panels offer both protection and isolation. These fencing systems are designed by the top GRP manufacturers for quick installation, while retaining its features for several years of constant use. Unlike the traditional variety, they don’t require any grounding. Other notable features of our FRP fencing are; easy installation, and certified electrical insulation.

FRP Handrails & Guardrails

Workplaces that demand for better stability and provide support to potential balance issues on walkways, staircases, and passages can cut down on their fall-related injuries with FRP architectural handrails.

The handrails and color guard rail system are designed with high mechanical and impact resistance, and reinforced with both electrical and thermal insulation to cater for the most demanding work environments. The commercial handrails and railings are both easy to install and surprisingly lightweight when compared to the provided resilience.

FRP Stair Tread Covers

Staircases are one of the prone sites to slip and fall-related injuries. FRP Stair Tread Covers offer a reliable solution that increases your staircase safety within an economical budget.

These GRP treads are made with durable material, which is reinforced with pultruded composites of quartz grains. This feature produces a higher traction in any environmental conditions. You can cut and install the stair treads according to your size requirements. The installation options are also versatile, and can be done through adhesive fastening or mechanical fixing.

FRP Ladder Rung Covers

An intelligible solution to ladder step related slip and fall incidents, the Ladder Rung Covers are constructed with a highly resilient pultrusion process. Similar to stair coverings, these fiberglass ladder coatings varieties are also integrated with quartz grains.

For installations, you can use chemical fixing or adhesive traction. They are sold by length; you can tailor your own fiber glass ladder rung sizing accordingly by cutting into customized pieces.

FRP Self supporting Stair Treads

In contrast with traditional stairs, self supporting staircases offer a floating design, and are reinforced by a different anti slip tread. To decrease fall related incidents, the Self supporting Stair Treads are constructed with front nosing in diverse colored FRP for a better visibility. These treads are made with fire rated FRP and offer durability in any environmental condition while remaining maintenance free throughout the years-long utility.

FRP Safety Edges and Angles

Oddly shaped angles and edge surfaces require better visibility and higher traction to remain incident free. Whether it is singular stairs, uneven walkways, or angular floorings, FRP safety trending can be installed to provide an anti-slip surface and edge treads with front nosing and countless other utility possibilities. This is mostly relevant to easily customizable treads of pultruded fiberglass structural shapes to cut and match up to any surface areas.

In a Nutshell

FRP, or the robust polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass products, offer an irreplaceable safety solution to workplaces that reinforce the industrial safety measures, while cutting down the overall costs in various aspects. Whether required for walls, ceilings, following or uneven surfaces, you can integrate safety and insulation to your workplace today! Call us now to place an order or get a quotation.

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