SafeLift Drum Handlers

One of the most important inventions used in industrial environments is the drums. It carries your necessary materials from one place to another, and yet it’s very hardy and resilient against accidents, but you’ll still need a way to transport and handle them. We offer a wide range of equipment for all your needs, which includes the best customer service around with our delivery before you can blink!


Drum handlers have spring-loaded or mechanic metal arms that provide a tight and secure grip on cylindrical modules such as steel drums, barrels, plastic drums, and fiber drums.

Available Models: Safelift Drum Handling Solutions

Vertical Barrel Clamps

These are automatic and easy-to-use barrel clamps for the vertical transportation of barrels with standard dimensions.

Universal Barrel Transporter

Oil drum trucks can be used with 210-liter drums and come in a variety of models. These trucks can be operated by one person. Steel drum trucks are available with solid rubber tyres or solid pneumatic tyres. Buy online below from our fantastic selection of high-quality products.

Levadrum Transporter

For decanting 210-liter steel drums, this decanter is easy to handle, convenient to store, and easy to access.

Universal Drum Truck

Designed to handle drums and barrels from 13 to 55 gallons, this universal drum truck is an award-winning product with versatile utility across industries.

Drum Bunds

To facilitate clean-up operations, bunds should be designed to contain spills and leaks of liquids used, stored, or processed above ground. Besides preventing pollution of the receiving environment, bunds can also protect products, isolate processes, and protect the receiving environment from fire.

Bunds and sumps used for drum storage prevent spills and accidents by providing secondary containment.

Bunded Drum Frame

We offer spill pallets, trays, and secure storage systems for bundled drum frames that are safe and cost-effective.

Drum Stores

The large sump ensures any spilled liquid is safely contained, preventing access to internal drains and preventing injuries.

Drum Palletiser Truck

The drum loader is great for loading pallets with heavy-weight drums. It helps to remove drums from pallet corners and skids; Legs can be angled up to 90 degrees.

Handling industrial drums safely: Why you need to use Safelift drum handlers

50-gallon drums have the same hazards staff would face with other industrial drums, but they pose another category of risk due to their larger weight. Employees must use a variety of safety tools and have knowledge about the risks associated with handling them. To help you manage these risks and educate your employees on the hazards affiliated with these drums, we asked Jim Parsons, our In-House Industrial Expert, for his tips on drum safety.

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