Oilfield Safety

It seems that oil fields are always in the news, whether because oil affects nearly every U.S. consumer or because disasters in oil fields are likely to be high profile due to the volatile nature of crude and natural gas. What is it about oil fields that makes the rate of injuries and fatalities rise higher than similar fields like construction?

The first of all injuries or accident is because we forget about safety in the workplace area. Our safety are our priority without safety our project will never get finished . This is why we must focus on safety in the oil and gas industry first especially in the oilfield .

RAAH Safety help you prevent all the accident in the oilfield. RAAH Safety are expertise in the safety sector in the oil and gas industry .

RAAH Gearench

RaahSafety Suppliers for Gearench Titan Petol SurGrip Valve Wheel Wrench

RAAH non-sparking tool

Raah Safety supplies wide range of Non Sparking

RAAH whip-sock

Whip Stops - Whip Socks is the best high-pressure hose safety device

RAAH whipchecks

Cable Hose Restraints / Whip Check

RAAH cable-hose-chokers

Prevent excess whipping on hoses up to 5000 PSI / 15000 PSI

RAAH hose-hobble

RAAH Safety Hose Hobble , Piping Choker

RAAH safelift-front

Safelift improves ergonomics while handling and operation of plug valves.

RAAH gearench1

safe and easy-to-use tools designed to hold a striking wrench

RAAH valve

capable of Bi-directional flow and provide bubble tight shut-of at full rated pressure

RAAH Flange alignment tool

safe, fast, and effective solution for even the toughest flange alignment jobs

RAAH gearench USA

Maker of Petol and Titan Tools Since 1927

RAAH Huwe hammer huwe-wrench

easier, safer and more economical way for your field