Flange Alignment Tools – A Simple Solution to Flange Alignment


Flange Alignment Tools, manufactured in the U.S., provide a safe and efficient solution for flange alignment tasks. A safe alternative to hazardous swinging hammers and spud wrenches. Featuring exceptional performance with maximum safety by mitigating pinch and crush points. Offer the most economical solutions for lining up flange bolt holes.

Flange alignment tools are designed to correct kinks and misalignments without stressing the piping or creating impact related damages to the pipelines. These innovative alignment tools can also be used for rectifying misalignments in hydraulic cylinders, jacks and lifting wedges.

RAAH introduces a complete series of flange alignment tools. If you require a single instrument or a combination of multiple instruments to quickly and safely restore your calibration, the PETOL FLANGE ALIGNING TOOLS is what you need.


Simply find a bolt hole that is aligned enough for the tapered shaft to fit through and turn.


Turn until the bolt holes are in alignment.


If necessary, use a second tool and turn until the bolt holes are in alignment and insert flange bolts.


The Titan Flange Alignment Pin sets are a safe replacement for traditional alignment techniques such as drift pin and hammer or using spud wrenches. These tool sets are specifically designed for positioning pins when replacing an RTJ of a pipe ring or if the flange face requires re-machining.

With the Flange alignment tool, all these can be done requiring no hazardous hammering or exerting with open-end wrenches.

Industrial Utility

For aligning or re-aligning flange joints during pipe works, flange tool kits are a must have. While traditionally hammer and pins were used to create these alignments, today the innovative flange tool sets offer a better control and safer solution while keeping the pipe work safe from being damaged.

Any industries handling pipe works require this tool, including;



All you need to do is; to insert the flange dowel pins and rotate them up and down to correct displacement and rotation. Titan Flange Dowel Pins are the safest, easiest and cheapest way to align flange bolt holes.

3 Simple Steps to Aligning Flanges

Flange Alignment Tool is easy to use and adapts to different flange hole sizes. My invention overcomes the shortcomings by providing a flange alignment tool for aligning flanges that are not aligned, so that workers can align flanges safely and effectively without using a hammer.

Step 1:
Inspect the flange to find a bolt hold that is suitable for the task. Ensure it is aligned enough to fit the tapered shaft.

Step 2:
Once fitted, turn the tapered shaft slowly. Continue the rotation until all the bolt holes are perfectly in alignment.

Step 3:
In case of finding difficulty in turning the shaft, you may incorporate a secondary tool. Then follow the last step; turn until achieving the perfect axial alignment.

Our flange alignment tool kits offer all you need, including a variety of tapered shaft sizes and essential accessories.


● Heavy Duty Construction
These Flange Alignment Tools are manufactured for heavy duty misaligned flanges. To understand how to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury to your bolting team, contact us and schedule an appointment with our field experts at RAAH International.

● Efficiency Design
Featuring exceptional performance and efficiency, the Titan Flange Pins are constructed with a Tapered Shaft design. This unique structure eliminates the need for knocks and leverage when aligning the flange bolt holes.

● Safety
There is no requirement for hammer bypass pins or dealing with time consuming socket wrenches. Exerting tools and impact equipment are highly prone to creating injuries.

● Economic
The unique yet simple design of alignment pins for flanges are one of the most economical solutions for lining up flange bolt holes and to tackle the toughest alignment tasks.

● Availability
You can purchase the Titan flange alignment tool set from us both in singular pieces and in kits. Flange alignment tool kits are available in pairs of three, four, five, and six sizes. All kits are supplied in an individual tool box with foam.

For further convenience, the toolbox offers an organized solution to hold all the pins together and prevent them from being lost, misplaced, and damaged as they lie on the bottom of an old toolbox.


When ordering the Flange Alignment Pin set with case, the dimensions of the flange alignment tool are supplied in pairs. Each tool is constructed from heat treated 4140 steel and then cadmium plated for superior strength and intrinsic safety. The instruments can be gold or black.

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