RAAH Safety Hose Safety System is designed to protect against operator injury or machine damage. High pressure hoses and pipes, or those with hazardous content, should be safeguarded from accidental hazards, such as; involuntary detachments, fitting accidentally bursts during the hose assembly, couplings disconnection, etc.

Hose Safety Systems, patented design to prevent fittings bursting from the hose couplings and disconnection. Safeguard piping installations, bulkhead piping, operator injury, and machine damage. OSHA-compliant certified. Whip Stops, Whipchecks, Cable and Nylon Hose Chokers, Red Iron Slings, Piping Hobbles, Hosebuns and more.  


Our Whip Stops are manufactured with a unique design to eliminate unpredictable whipping of a high-pressure hose in case of a failure. Whip Stops are tailored from highly resistant braided metal. They provide an unbreakable grip which tightens following the energy release. This way it reduces and holds down the hose that has ruptured. They are available in different sizes and pressure ratings. 

whip stop


Whip Check Safety Cables are compatible with just about any high-pressure application hoses. If there are any hose failures or accidental uncoupling, whip check provides a secondary safety line.

Whip Checks are practical hose restraint that are engineered from corrosion resistant and high strength – alloy. They are easily installed and do not call for additional tools. By gripping both sides of a hose coupling, it helps suppress the pressure in case of involuntary disconnections. 


TheCable and Nylon Hose Choker has a unique design to control the accidental dis-coupling by choking action. It combines a nylon spool to cause the cable to tighten during a failure. The major difference between this equipment and the Whip Check is that it continues tightening until the pressure is cut from the main source; sometimes it results in choking off the pressure completely; this feature makes them an ideal equipment to be used as air hose chokers. They are available in naked or nylon coated cables.


One of the most efficient flow line restraints, Red Iron Slings, are designed to provide a temporary pipe restraint system. The construction aims to reduce the risk of injury caused by a potential pipe failure.

These high-pressure hose arresters are used on well heads, flow line hoses, pipeline systems and other industrial high pressure well control equipment. These second line hose safety equipment have a capability of restraining pressures up to 15,000 PSI. Hence, the red iron slings can significantly reduce the chance of projectiles in case of flow line ruptures. Each sling comes in 3 lengths including 4ft, 10ft and 20ft, and in compliance with ASME B30.9 standards.


The Hosebuns are an innovative yet simple equipment used for stabilizing the suspended hose in permanent, temporary, or semi-rigid positions. Our Hosebun are designed to maximize efficiency and safe hose suspension indoors and outdoors. 

This innovation was a valid replacement for the wide body slings to increase protection for the pipes, standards and machinery. The durable Hosebun highlights a long lasting cradle that is resistant to wear, UV, corrosive material and weathering. 

Also known as the safety hose saddle or hose cradle, the hosebuns are designed for utilizing along with dock hose, suction hose, vapour recovery hose, or other suspended goose across any industry. 


Hose hobbles use metal shackles and chains to hold down a hose coupling, in the event of failure. The mechanism includes Heavy Duty Clamps for Hose and Pipe in 2 bolt clamps and 4-Bolt Clamps styles. These Cable Hose Restraint systems feature a size compatibility of 1/2″ up to 48” hoses and pipe. 

The cable style hose hobble can be used for high pressure hoses and pipes and are designed and tested to withstand the extreme conditions.

There are several models available including double shackle, Single Bolt Clamps, chain and braided cable varieties. All the standard models are rated for a breaking strength of 16,000 pounds for rotary hose safety clamps. Customized editions can be made to meet exact requirements.

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