Safemate's Glowmate ( Glow in the dark antislip ) | RAAH Safety

RaahSafety - SafeMate’s GlowMate is used whenever and wherever it is required to create egress paths, walkways, stairs and any environment safe in dark (such as in sudden power outages) with highly visible self-illuminating surfaces.

Glowmate needs no external power sources such as batteries for illumination as they are comprised of photo luminescent glow-in-the-dark pigments with long afterglow. During a power outage or emergency, Glowmate antislip products provide a safe means of egress in dark or low light conditions even when wet or greasy. As SafeMate’s GlowMate products can charge even in low light, they are perfect for use in dimly lit areas.

They are also used on emergency appliances, trucks and plant or equipment that are used at night. GlowMate antislip stair treads make it easier for staff to see the steps on the vehicles at night reducing the risk of slips and falls. SafeMate’s GlowMate is effective in preventing accidents that can becaused by lack of visibility of hazards in case of sudden power outages and in low light or dark conditions.

Features :

  • Available in standard stair nosing, stair capping sizes and as Safe Plates
  • High visibility, glows in the dark for 8 hours and longer
  • Quick recharge with Sunlight or ambient light
  • Recharges in low light
  • Strong and durable metal backing


  • Suitable for Steel, Concrete and Timber surfaces. Simple DIY installation.
  • Non-slip when oily, wet/dry or dirty
  • High Impact Resistant
  • Standard sizes or custom made
  • Tested to and exceeds Standard AS/NZS 4586-2004 & ASTM D2047-04
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 quality controlled conditions
  • Only product that works even when the power supply and batteries fail as it needs only ambient light
  • Photoluminescent articles are mandated for use in buildings and ships by safety regulating authorities worldwide
  • Pleasing and prominent daylight appearance
  • 5-year Warranty

RAAH Safety - Glowmate ( Glow in the dark antislip )