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Back Saver, Pipe Enablement System tool.
Assigns high levels of protection to rig floor personnel. Used around rig
drill, during pipe slip extraction, loading of drill pipe into the pipe
trolley. Help rig floor staff lift drill pipes out at the driller’s console.
Presenting a capacity to operate efficiently and improving overall rig floor

RAAH Safety presents the Rigtools BackSaver the optimum equipment for dealing with in drill pipe slip lifting applications. These tools are powered by hydraulic or pneumatic sources. Also, they are designed for enhancing rig floor safety by presenting the capacity to operate out at the driller’s console or at a safe distance from the machine.


One of the most challenging tasks on the drill floor is handling heavy pipes and objects. Most of these tasks are done in the red zone- where safety standards require the operators to steer clear out of such areas.

To provide a hands-free application and keep the personnel out of red zones, Back Saver acts as a slip lifter are made to increase safety and enhance efficacy. The equipment uses its proprietary boom lift design to eliminate ineffective slips handling.


This roughneck backsaver toolis designed with an ergonomic construction. The main purpose of this equipment is to prevent slips from falling and getting damaged. They feature an extremely functional no-slip grip surface.

This design is made with a retractable function where it wraps around the pipe, then extends in a couple of seconds to take the space in the pipe that is required. This eliminates the need of removing the conventional slips and lifter.

The open design allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the device while facilitating quick and easy installation. Other features of the power slips lifter are; corrosion resistance, reliable construction for handling heavy impact and pressure, and durability. These units meet OSHA recommendations for rig floor safety.

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Advantages of Rig Tools BackSaver

● Safety
Traditionally, the slips on a drill floor are handled by direct manual produces and with the collaboration of two or more personnel. Slips are located in red zones and often result in injuries and accidents if not handled appropriately.

● Reducing Labor Force
Incorporating the backsaver tool in your drill floor handling system has many benefits. It increases the drill floor safety by keeping the personnel out of the red zone. It also decreases the number of operators for a single person.

● Precision
Besides increasing safety and workflow, backsaver enhances efficiency by precise setting and pulling slips.

● Easy Installation
Both pneumatic and hydraulic backsaver slips lifters are easy to install and saves much time to install and performs the entire task.

● Unique Operation
Another significant highlight of the equipment is the straightforward operation. Unlike most other automatic slip lifters, there is no requirement of removing rotary insert bowls or master bushing like another type of automatic slips or Slip lifter.

● Compatibility
According to your system, you can integrate the backsaver slips lifter with different power sources, such as hydraulic systems or pneumatic operations. Our backsaver equipment also displays a one-size-fits-all back brace.

● Retractable
Many customizable features can be added to the standard variety, including retractable option.

Specifications of RigtoolsBacksaver

How to Use the Rig tools Backsaver

1. Preparing the Slips
Inspect the slips for any defects before placing them around the drill string.

2. Install Rig Tools Backsaver
Easily install the slips lifted by placing them over the slips. Ensure the conventional slips lifter is attached to drill collar pull back line.

3. Rotating the Cable through the Tubing
Apply torque to thin-walled tubular connections for running the automatic rotary slips

4. Uninstall
Efficiently remove the equipment by handling drill collars without removing the rotary insert bowls or master bushing.

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Looking for an ergonomic support brace for slips lifting and pulling applications? Look no further. Rig Tools Backsaver is budget friendly and efficient made to reduce the labor and increase safety.

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