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Poncho Hole Cover, USA-made solution, engineered for drilling rigs. Designed to prevent tubular construction drop hazards. Enhanced with a Velcro collar lock for lightweight material and simple installation. Reduces the risk of industrial accidents while minimizing the time spent performing routine. Comes with tough, abrasion and tear-resistant quality. No need for any metal parts or shackles weighing it down.


Nothing is as discouraging as one of the most common occurrences for any offshore drilling project; which is the accidental tool dropping in drill holes. Many potential reasons can halt operations and force a result to loss in productivity and man hours. There are several issues to this, noted if the crew and driller are not competent.

A harmless looking tool when dropped into the drill hole can lead to unimaginable damages, which can be prevented by beforehand assessment and the appropriate covering of the pit. This can slow down operations and cause a loss in productivity and man-hours. To prevent these circumstances, RAAH Safety presents to you the Poncho Hole Cover.


It comes with a Velcro collar lock that keeps it tight and secure, with no metal parts or shackles to weigh it down. In addition the lightweight material is simple to install and remove.

The PONCHO is made of high visibility tarpaulin and is 75″ in length with a flexible Velcro collar (OD). It can accommodate ID pipes up to 20″ in size, and it comes in the following standard sizes: 3 – 8″ (ID), 8 ½ – 14″ (ID), 14 – 20″ (ID).

The most important feature of the PONCHO is that they are lightweight yet durable, unlike other high-visibility tarpaulins, which are usually made with PVC. The design only uses Velcro, rather than any metal, which means it won’t rust or corrode. With the PONCHO well lid, ID pipes are tightly wrapped, preventing smaller items from falling into the rotatory hole.


When you’re operating your rotary table, it can be difficult to stay completely aware of what’s happening at the ‘down hole’ or below your table. That’s why it’s important to provide the best type of coverage that you can avoid loose parts falling into the hole.

The Poncho hole cover is designed to be used as a protective skirt (barrier to falling tools and gears) on the turntable around a stationary drill pipe prior to any repair or maintenance work. The platform covers for rotary wells are equipped with fall protection for the drilling platform tool, which is used when drilling is stopped due to technical or geological factors.


● Stopping Tool Drop
A reliable addition to safety kits for drilling equipment, the tarpaulin or poncho acts as a rotary table protective skirt for the table which means that loose parts are less likely to fall down the hole.

● Cost Cutting
A cover that bridges the gap between your rotary tables and drives unit is a perfect solution that helps you avoid costly mistakes. Incidents such as loose parts falling downhole can disturb the workflow- which is often highly expensive.

● Safe and Convenient
One of the main drawbacks of working over the rigs is their position. They are often equipped with welded shackles or metal parts that are used to hold the tarpaulin in place. However, these can be difficult to grip due to the vibration and temperature changes. The tarpaulin hole cover idea is safer, more flexible, and easier to grip.

● Durability
Besides providing coverage, these reliable tool drop solutions are also highly durable. This equipment has rugged features that can handle the harsh drilling environment. This design provides a functional and durable solution.


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