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Pipe Wash & Dope Tool, designed to keep tubulars clean on the drill floor. Made with an aluminum arm and a synthetic and replaceable wiper blade. Comes with an adjustable arm, power jet, and universal sleeves. Prevents risks by keeping personnel away from dropped objects or working close to remotely operated machines on the Drill floor. Offers a simple one-handed operation to turn cleaning steel tubing into an easy job.

The high level of safety during drilling operations requires careful consideration of equipment. Automated derrick and pipe handling systems are popular in most rigs, legislation in some countries prohibits people from being on the drill floor red zones when these machines are in use. Yet regardless of this precaution, some people still use HP cleaners or manual dope brushes when cleaning and greasing drill pipe. The Pipe Wash & Dope Tool is introduced to address these safety issues and increase work efficiency.

How does it work?

The Pipe Wash & Dope Tool was created to keep tubular from getting high-pressure cleaned and doped without exposing personnel to the danger of dropped objects or working close to remotely operated machines on the Drill floor.

The Pipe Wash and Dope Tool is a tool designed to help pipefitters clean and dope bolts. The tool is universal, fitting easily on any size drill floor. It can be used with all types of poles as well as bolt ladders.

This automatic drill pipe wash & dope cleaning instrument utilizes the high pressure from a remotely operated machine on the Drill Floor to clean and dope various sections of tubular in one action. To ensure maximum performance, the wash tool needs to be refilled with water at 175-200 degrees Celsius.

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  • It cleans inside the pipe and removes any debris from a setback area
  • Versatile and easy to use in a variety of dope cleaning applications.
  • Uses high-pressure cleaning system for optimum result
  • It can be operated remotely to enhance the personnel’s safety
  • Comes with a variety of performance testing certificates and safety certifications, such as; CE- Certification, Material certificates, Welding certificates.
  • Safety and effective performance are the two main benefits of this device, both on the rig floor and drill area.
  • It prevents having personnel around; tripping in the hole and other red zone areas.
  • Easy to install and work with.
  • The design does not allow over-torque connections – Dope is hence applied to clean dry threads.


How can you use the Pipe Wash & Dope Tool? In many ways when you lower the pipe into the tool, it is cleaned up using high-pressure water and quickly gets doped afterward.

Additionally, these tools come with CE Certified Pipe Washing, Chain Sawing, Chain Saws, Chain Sharpening.

Above all, this efficient tool for doping of drill pipe threads is known to increase the workflow, while keeping the personnel outside the red zone; while having personnel in the red zone can make the company face legal issues, these are highly hazardous areas that must be avoided by using the right tool.

We are proud to announce many notable companies use our dope cleaner tool across the world.

PIPE WASH & DOPE TOOL Usage Specifications

For maximum performance, the tool requires a supply of:

  • HP water (175-200 bars at 60 ºC)
  • Control air at a pressure of 6 to 10 bar.
  • To be used with DP and DC pipes with an outside diameter of 2 7/8” to 9”
  • High-pressure water in limited volumes

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For both offshore and onshore pipe cleaning and doping application, the right tools enhance your workflow and keeps the rig crew safe at all times. RAAH Safety supplies premium quality rig floor safety tools including; Pipe Wash & Dope Tool.

For more information, get in touch with pour field experts to learn what you need to know about this pipe wash and dope tool. Order today and enjoy our discounts on bulk purchases.

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