MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer

MONSOON shaker screen washers provides an additional safety measure for drilling operations by preventing personnel from being exposed to mud and chemicals in highly hazardous areas. To do this, we have introduced automatic system that changes the cleaning and redundancy levels in the screens according to the type of drill employed.

MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer, automatic screen washer for drilling operations. Adds additional safety benchmark against mud and chemicals in cleaning processes. Maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A practical answer to risky drilling problems. Mitigates risks by offering the ultimate protection for personnel working in high-hazard areas. A high-performing alternative to the standard sieve.


The Monsoon pressure washer is designed to be used on mud shakers on drilling rigs; it is used to HP wash the material from in the screen.

In today’s world, the technological advancements in the oil field have put a greater focus on safety. For example, some drilling operations require an enclosed drill floor with a carpeted floor for safe footing. The high demands for safety regulations in modern drilling operations require special attention to clean work areas and mud exposures.

Our MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer is constructed to clean screens at the end of a drilling operation while protecting the personnel from mud and chemical splash exposure.

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When integrating your drilling system with the screen cleaning machines, there are many advantages, including enhancing your workplace with safe equipment and increasing workflow, and more.

  • High Efficiency

A MONSOON Screen Washer is more efficient than the standard sieve. A typical sieve will filter out only about 75% of the solids, while this machine filters up to 98%. The stainless steel Monsoon shaker screen washer increases worker safety and ensures that personnel remain safe from mud and chemicals.

  • Low Cost

They are low-cost, high-performing units that help drill operators remove cuttings and unwanted debris from the around the screen. Moreover, it reduces manual labor costs.

  • Long Service Life

Designed to last, the gentle wash adds to the machine’s durability. With this characteristic, this machine also has a noise-free operation, in addition, to prolonged shaker screen lifetime.

  • Performance Certification

Ensuring high-quality cleaning of screens, MONSOON falls into Category 1 for offshore conditions, with the ATEX Zone 1, NORSOK certification. These certifications are compliant with most government regulations worldwide.


This heavy-duty machine presents several unique features;

  • Functional Power

The Monsoon Shaker is air-driven and requires sufficient HP water, air, and electric power.

  • Easy to Use

The MONSOON Shaker Screen Washing System is a robust, easy-to-use, and low-maintenance system for washing screens in a shaker table.

  • Nozzle System

The Screen Washer has a special Nozzle System that creates a dynamic impact. It has a relatively compact profile and yet is sturdy at the same time. The two outer curbs help to protect the machine, while still maintaining ease of access to its internal parts..

  • Corrosion-Free & Durable

The Shaker Screen Washer is made from stainless steel with the best quality components. It is resistant to corrosive chemicals, rust, and harsh industrial environments.

  • Adjustable

The screen on the MONSOON Washer can be adjusted depending on what size you need to process and works efficiently.

  • Critical Substance Compatible

MONSOON makes it possible to clean critical substances with 100% control. Mud and cuttings are drained; vapors are eliminated through the exhaust pipe.

  • High performance

The design allows the brushes to reach hard-to-reach areas of the screen without touching it. The machine performs a much better job than manual operations.

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