Lock Out Tag Out Signs

The important way to prevention and release of a hazardous energy during service or a maintenance activity is by using an energy-isolating device which is manually operated to lockout energy storing devices such as Valves.Following the correct indicators, lock out tag out valve procedures equals the safety of employees.

A wide variety of valves supply liquids, compressed gases, steam and more in an operating facility. A valve lockout device will conceal or physically prevent the valve’s operation temporarily or for a prolonged duration. The four main types of Valves commonly user are Gate valves, Ball valves, Plug valves and Butterfly valves. Whether you are setting a new lock out system, or wanting to upgrade an existing one, here is a comprehensive list for you of lockout tag out solutions.

Locks and tags and signs
Locks, Tags, Signs
Locks, Tags, Signs
Choosing the right procedure toward lockout tagout systems can save lives and also increase your overall ranking in industrial safety standards. Any environment handling piping system, pressure cylinders, air hoses and similar equipment must comply with OSHA or ANSI guidelines for environmental and personal safety. Following these regulations and lock out tag out information, our tags and labels fall into these categories;
  • Lockout Tagout System
    Cutting off the machinery from the power source with an electrical lockout tagout kits, chemical supplies and compressed gas inlet or outlets with the right lockout safety.
  • Valve Standards
    Valve standards change according to types of worksite and other environmental factors. Although, these valves must match the variety of material and piping system handling, combined with the right tags system.
  • Valve Color Code
    Color coding is a crucial part of valve tag systems. They are considered a visual safety strategy and simplify the understanding of the valve function and dangers around it. Plastic Valve tags are one of the most popular varieties for the resistance to impact, chemical exposure, affordability and easy use.
    Of course you can set your own rules in your facility to understand the color codes, by offering an in-house training to your personnel. But there is a universal approach to these colorations.
    Where you choose colors, alphabets, or pictograms, each valve must be tagged with a clear identification to respective personnel. However in most cases visual communication is preferred over written varieties.
  • Choosing the Right Valve Tag Materials
    Locks and tags material must be in accordance with the utility to avoid hazards and increase efficiency. For instance, a metal tag can create explosive out comes in contact with sodium hydroxide liquids. Let’s have a closer look on these materials;

Stainless Steel Tags:

Tenacious and also resistant to most corrosive liquids. Although they come at a higher cost than normal metal tags.

Plastic Tags:

Long lasting, corrosive chemical resistant and highly affordable. Blank plastic tags are also available for customizable tag indicators.

Custom Tags:

Designed according to industrial customers requirements. To get a quote and customize your Tags order your lockout tagout kits here!



We are experienced in supplying safety lockout padlocks. For example, we can create a padlock system where each worker has more than one padlock which all open with the same key but are unique to the individual.

Padlocks Keyed Different
Keyed to Differ means all padlocks ordered will have a unique key, different to the others on your order.

Padlocks Keyed Alike
Looking for Keyed Alike Padlocks? We offer fantastic range of Keyed Alike Padlocks at the best prices, look no further.

Padlocks Master Key & Differ
Padlocks with different keys, that can be opened with a Master Key.

RAAH Safety Car Seals

Here is a general overview of our car seals, introducing each product with a short description;

Car Seals:

One time use car seals are available in 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm steel variety, as well as robust plastic lockouts.

Car Seals with 3.5mm diameter cable are designed to handle large valves, reaching up to 1000mm. The lock function is long term and only opened by breaking the seal by a cutter. The design is available in red, green and customized colors.

Car Seals with 2.5 mm diameter steel cable are used for sealing and eliminating a valve’s movement. These car seals are also designed for semi permanent locking and must be cut to free the valve. They come in a wider variety of colors such as red, green, orange, or customized.

Plastic car seals are easy to use and lightweight, designed with resistant polyester material.

You can order customized tags or purchase the standard tags in rectangular and round silhouettes. The color codes include green for open and red for closed.

Padlock Cabinets:

To avoid any mishaps and misplacement, padlock cabinets help the appropriate storage of padlocks, permanent seals and tags. Our designs are available in an all-metal compartment, or with a front glass window for emergency access and visibility. Although all our padlock cabinets are designed for wall mounting.

Signs and Tags:

Whether to show the operation status of a valve, or prevent touch for chemical, temperature and pressure related daggers, we have got a tag for it. Other tags are designed to pinpoint the lock position, or prevent approach altogether by unauthorized personnel. Contact us and order your own customized signs and tags.

Stell Safety Signage – Labelling:

Used for safety identification, our labeling stell are rugged and withstand the rough industrial environment and marine environments. In addition to safety instruction, you can use these labels to increase operational efficiency accordingly. Stell Safety Signage – Labellingare available in engraved signs, marked pipes, slide in, printed, tank identification and the classic stell systems..

Floor Marking:

Floor Marking is a necessary measure for increased safety as well as operation instruction. Our markings are available in various sizes in 100mm and 200 mm, with or without arrow markings also in luminous and non luminous editions. If your company uses a certain color code for floor markings, we would be more than happy to provide you with the exact requirements.

Fire Fighting Equipment Signs:

Designed in classic red and white, our fire fighting equipment signs offer a series of pictograms that assist your workers to find the extinguisher, exit points and follow other necessary measures in case of a wild fire breakout..

Prohibition Signs:

Prohibition signs are designed with universal signs to provide non linguistic indications to prevent accidents in hazardous environments. These pictograms are made from PVC for both adhesive and mechanical installment.

Emergency and Safety Signs:

Emergency signs are made of green color coded pictograms that impose less emergency compared to fire and prohibition signs. They offer a range of indications both for indoor and outdoor industrial and public use.

Escape Route Signs:

In case of incidents and panic stricken situations, Escape Route Signs play a vital role in personnel’s safety. Our indicative signs are designed with green color code and available in laminae variety for dim environments.

Warning Signs:

Warning signs are universally drawn in a black bordered triangle and yellow background, featuring the hazard at the center; whether it is danger of drowning, chemical exposure or radioactive environment. Check out our catalogue for browning all available signs.

Mandatory Action Signs:

Workplaces that require a reminder and call to action can benefit from mandatory signs. Wearing safety gloves, putting on a mask, safety boots and gloves- only to name a few. Safety instructions through pictograms are the primary aim of the mandatory action signs, designed in white and cerulean blue.

RAAH Safety Solutions:

RAAH Safety offers a comprehensive kit of valve lockouts and tagging options with universal and adjustable sizing, colors and functionality. We are specialist providers of trapped key interlocks, lockout tagout systems, safety and warning signs and valve operating lockout equipment globally.If you require any particular metal alloy tags, specific markings or colorations, contact us today and we will have it made just for you at affordable rates.

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