TALON – Dual Hook Hand Safety Tool

The Talon is a safety tool for workers that assists with tasks when hands can’t be used. Made in the U.S.A. This lightweight and compact tool will help keep people safe from harm by providing easy access to materials without touching them.


The Talon can be used in the precast concrete manufacturing industry to make rebar mesh that has been put into molds. Along with other wire rope no touch tools, it is also useful on oil rigs where it provides a wide range of options, such as being able to pick something on one side and use the other edge for a hook.


The TALON – Dual Hook Hand Safety Tool is the most compact, lightweight, and inexpensive Dual Hook Hand Safety Tool. It offers a tough and easy to use dual hook, which helps reduce the risk of finger and hand injuries. Essentially, it mitigates the safety concerns of hand scrapes and cuts.

When it comes to design, this handsfree wire rope tool is engineered with state-of-the-art construction, using the laser to cut and shape it. It is ergonomic and helps provide a comfortable grip on tools. For maximum durability and outstanding function, it is made with galvanized steel. All combine to create the TALON as a hand tool that hooks, picks, and clamps features to decrease the likelihood of injury.

This tool is considered low cost, with easy assembly and lightweight structure as its additional benefits.


The Talon is a new hands-free sling tool for those who work in hazardous environments. The Talon is built with precision, quality, and durability. Its unique dual hook design allows the user to grab and pull with ease from a distance without putting their hand on any sharp or dangerous objects.

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Why Operate with The Talon Hand Safety Tool?

Safety should always be a top priority. But it is exponentially more important when you are working in an area where there exist pinch, cut, and crush hazards. While some tools can be dangerous to use, Talon enables you to get the job done without putting your hands in danger zones which could result in injury.

With the Talon and other handsfree load guide tools, you can protect your workers while making sure they’re productive. The Talon is a no-touch hand safety tool that comes equipped with an array of features to ensure it’s always available and easy to use.

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